Home Events GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Marcus Vinicius vs. Shane Oblonsky (Featherweight Tournament)

GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Marcus Vinicius vs. Shane Oblonsky (Featherweight Tournament)

Photo by Luca Rajabi / Scifighting.com

Round 1:

Both guys are swinging wildly to start, with most punches missing. Both fighters seem nervous.

Oblonsky dropped Vinicius with a right hand that looked more like a slip than a fall from a power-punch.  Vinicius landed a big right hand to the chin that slowed Oblonsky and stopped the USA chants  from the crowd.

Vinicius is landing more, getting under Oblonsky’s punches and landing with short hooks.  Oblonsky has slowed down a bit to end the round.

Round 2:

Vinicius is fighting with a sense of urgency, but neither fighter is throwing many kicks. The fight is basically a stand-up a battle. Vinicius is landing more and pushing Oblonsky back. Oblonksly is breathing hard with his mouth wide open.

Oblonsky is throwing a lot of punches, but one at a time. Vinicius is staying busier to end the round.

Round 3:

Oblonsky seems to have remembered his kicking game, throwing more kicks in the round so far than he has  the whole fight. Vinicius backed him up with a punch to the chest, but then backed off. Vinicius’ aggression is making the fight.

The two are trading punches in the corner.

Oblonsky caught him with a big right hand and dropped Vinicius to his knees.

He’s up after an eight count, and Oblonsky is on him and drops him again. Vinicius is up, but out on his feet, as the bell ends the round and the fight.

Shane Oblonsky wins by unanimous decision, 29-26, to advance in the GLORY tournament.