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WSOF 10: Branch vs Taylor live main card round-by-round results


Tonight the World Series of Fighting is bringing you WSOF 10: Branch vs. Taylor from The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada!

In store for you this evening is David Branch vs Jesse Taylor for the WSOF inaugural middleweight championship, Georgi Karakhanyan vs Rick Glenn for WSOF featherweight championship, and Jessica Aguilar vs Emi Funjino for the WSOF women’s strawweight championship.  Yes, THREE title fights for you tonight! In addition to the title fights, the card will also feature Luiz Firmino vs Tyson Griffin and Nick LoBosco vs Lance Palmer.

We will be providing you your round-by-round updates!


Lance Palmer (7-1) vs Nick LoBosco (7-0)


AND HERE WE GO! OUR NIGHT IS UNDERWAY! Both guys touch gloves. LoBosco is in the southpaw stance, Plamer in orthodox. They’re trading shots here and there. Palmer goes for the takedown, but LoBosco says “not in this house.”  LoBosco misses a headkick. Both guys continue to trade shots, but LoBosco gets the takedown against the cage.  He takes Palmer’s back and is fighting for a choke. With 3min left in the round, Palmer is in real trouble. LoBosco only has both hooks in and raining down shots. Herb Dean wants Palmer to defend, but LoBosco slides in a choke, but it’s turning into a neckcrank. Palmer turtles up and gets flattened out and raining down more lefts.  He finally gets the choke in and this fight is over like your dreams when the beautiful girl you and your friends talk about gets engaged.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Nick LoBosco winner via submission (rear naked choke) @4:15 rd 1


Luiz Firmino (17-6) vs Tyson Griffin (17-7)


Fight number two is on! Tyson starts with a leg kick.  He goes for a takedown but slips up and gives up his back immediately. He escapes and dives onto Firmino, but Firmino turns over in a scramble and is in Tyson’s half guard. Firmino is looking for a kneebar, but abandons it.  Both men are standing and kick from Griffin connects in Silva/Belfort fashion, but Firmino looks unphased. Both men are exchanging. Tyson lands a HUGE right hook, but Firmino walks forward as if it didn’t effect him.  They go throwing and Firmino dives into a guillotine attempt by Griffin. Griffin lets go and it’s Firmino on top. Griffin gets back up to his feet. Guys are circling each other looking for an opening. Looks as if both guys are catching their breath.  Round ends as both guys do… nothing.


2 of 3 is underway.  Griffin keeps firing away and Firmino keeps coming forward like a horror movie villain.  Firmino ducks under a Griffin hook and gets Griffin’s back. After some Firmino control, Griffin turns over into Firmino’s guard. Griffin is now trying to suffocate Firmino with some ground and pound. Both men are on their feet. Griffin is swinging wildly and Firmino just shakes them off. Griffin has to be frustrated at the point. Firmino is taking everything like an ex wife and asking for more. Griffin gets a takedown and working more ground and pound.  He’s looking to advance, but Griffin gives up his back AGAIN. After some elbows from Firmino the round is over.


Here we go again. Different round, same Griffin shots with Firmino looking like, “whatever dude.” Firmino misses some hooks, but grabs a hold of Griffin and takes him down near the cage. Griffin is on his back with Firmino advancing to half guard. Firmino is throwing a punch here and an elbow there.  He’s now has an arm hooked looking for a submission.  Now he has Griffin in a headlock. He’s just holding Griffin and spins to back control while Griffin is in the turtle position. Griffin grabs a leg and is looking to put Firmino on his back, but Firmino has an excellent base and is pounding on Griffin’s head and scoring points as the round ends. We are going to the judge’s scorecard.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Luiz Firmino winner via unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)


Jessica “Jag” Aguilar (17-4) vs Emi Fujino (13-7)


First championship fight of the night! Here we go! Both women meet in the middle and touch up gloves. Jag is landing heavy leg kicks. Both ladies are feeling each other out. Jag pushes Emi against the cage and delivering some knees to the thighs. She backs off and is landing more leg kicks. Jag goes for a spinning back kick to the body, but misses. Jag is peppering Emi’s face with jabs and Emi is bleeding. Jag is displaying speed. She’s in and out and landing at will. Emi’s nose is pouring blood like a Kool-Aid pitcher. Jag is landing nearly everything she throws. Impressive round by Jag.


Jag is picking up where the left off and boxing Emi into a bloody pulp. Emi is landing strikes, but Jag is answering with harder strikes. It’s like I’m watching a more beautiful Floyd Mayweather in the ring, but at least she is looking to finish. Jag goes for a clinch, but Emi escapes. Jag using her distance to her advantage. She’s keeping Emi away and going in with combos whenever she wants. Combos and leg kicks are the theme of this round. Round ends with Emi looking worse and Jag looking just as good as she did in the first.


3 of 5 is underway.  Jag looks to have some blood under her nose. I’m not sure if it’s her’s or Emi’s. Jag goes for a low kick, but Emi connects with a right. Jag lands a takedown after Emi lands some strikes standing. She has Emi in an arm triangle, but Emi isn’t tapping. She is squeezing for dear life, but but Emi is literally smiling. She abandons the choke and goes to mount. Major props to Emi for surviving the choke for that long. Jag is on top delivering punches and elbows. She’s making Emi regret not tapping. Round ends with Jag raining down more strikes


Championship rounds start.  Jag connects with a right, but Emi doesn’t respond.  Eye poke delays action…

Back to action after a doctor check-up. Jag is back displaying nice combos on her feet.  She’s beginning to slow down a little and has to wonder “What do I have to do to but this woman away?!” Jag is finding success with body kicks and pushed Emi against the cage. Not much was done after being pushed against the cage. Both ladies back up and exchange a little. Jag gets Emi back up against the cage and delivers some knees. Emi pushes her off. Once again we get good exchanges and once again we Jag pushing Emi against the cage. Round over.


5th and final round! Exchange of shots, but both missing. More exchanges happening and both ladies are finding success. Both are dishing out some damage. Emi unleashes a small flurry of punches. More back and forth action. I’m giving the slightest of edge to Emi, but Jag pushes her against the cage and suffocating her. After some strikes against the cage, Jag backs off and Emi misses a big shot. Jag gets a takedown and starts delivering hard strikes until the round ends. Looks like 50-45 Jag, to me.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jessica Aguilar winner via unanimous decision (50-44 x3)


Georgi Karakhanyan (23-3-1) vs Rick Glenn (14-2-1)


Featherweight title fight begins!

[NOTE: Has anyone ever seen Georgi Karakhanyan and Dustin Poirier in the same room together? Didn’t think so….]

Glenn starts out throwing punches and Georgi gets the takedown. He’s in side control throwing down brutal shots and now has a front headlock. He lets go to throw some strikes and moves to mount and Glenn gives up his back. Now Georgi has a body triangle locked on and transitions to an armbar!!!! Glenn rolls out of it and now standing above Georgi! He goes down into Georgi’s half guard and starts throwing strikes. Georgi is looking for the heel of Glenn, but no success. Now Georgi goes for the kneebar, but no success. Round ends with Glenn in side control delivering shots. Helluva round.


2 of 5 is here and Glenn quickly has Georgi against the cage. Georgi jumps a guillotine, but abandons it. Georgi spins Glenn and now Glenn is on the cage. Georgi is looking for the takedown and pressing Glenn hard up against the cage. He backs off and lands some shots. Georgi goes for the takedown and has Glenn against the cage again. Glenn rolls with Georgi’s takedown and is now on top throwing down HARD strikes. Knee to the body! GLENN IS PUTTING POWER BEHIND HIS SHOTS! Georgi gets up, but gets knocked down. Mazagatti isn’t stopping the fight! (surprised?) Georgi is on auto-pilot and Glenn is still laying into Georgi. Glenn isn’t worried about punching himself out. He wants the finish, but round over…


Welp, Georgi’s corner says that’s enough during the commercial break. Georgi said he couldn’t breath and that’s that!  This fight is over! Glenn is the new WSOF featherweight champion!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rick Glenn winner via TKO (corner stoppage) @5:00 of rd 1


Jesse Taylor (27-9) vs David Branch (13-3)


Main event! HERE! WE! GO! Branch starts with a HARD body kick and Taylor goes for a takedown. They scramble a bit and Taylor gets in a guillotine. Branch won’t tap and Taylor lets go. Now Taylor gets caught in a D’Arce choke! HE TAPS! DAVID BRANCH WINS AND IS YOUR NEW WSOF MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION!

OFFICIAL RESULT: David Branch winner via submission (D’Arce Choke) @1:41 of rd 1


Goodnight, folks! Hope you enjoyed your time with me! Stay beautiful!


Photo from World Series of Fighting’s facebook