Home Events GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai vs. Gabriel Varga (Featherweight Tournament)

GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai vs. Gabriel Varga (Featherweight Tournament)

Photo by Luca Rajabi / Scifighting.com

Round 1:

It’s the No. 3 fighter (Sitmonchai) in the world vs. the No. 5 fighter (Varga).

Sitmonchai is the faster fighter, but the two traded whip-like punches early.

Varga is the busier fighter. Varga caught Sitmonchai with a big right hand that pushed him back. Varga pressed the action and landed a big spinning back kick.

Round 2:

Sitmonchai came out with several leg kicks to Varga’s thigh. Sitmonchai is taking everything so far and keeps coming forward.

Varga caught Sitmonchai’s right leg kick and dumped him on his back. Varga connected with a big leg kick to the head.  Varga missed another spinning back leg kick. Varga dumped him again after catching a leg. Varga keeps coming forward, but Sitmonchai landed a couple punches to end the round.

Round 3:

Sitmonchai came out more aggressive and landed a right hand that slowed Varga. Varga has slowed down, and Sitmonchai is countering better. Varga has a big red mark on back from  Sitmonchai’s punches. Varga landed with a Superman punch. Varga is back in control, pushing Sitmonchai back into the ropes. A big leg kick to Sitmonchai’s head. Varga backed him up into the corner to end the round, but Sitmonchai rallied with a flurry of punches.

The bell ends the fight and Varga’s left leg is red from Sitmonchai’s kicks.

Varga is the winner, 30-27, by unanimous decision.

  • Ian Davies

    Just wish this was a fight under full muay Thai rules. Gonna take Yodkhunpon time to adapt to the new system……