Home Events GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Daniel Ghita vs. Rico Verhoeven (Heavyweight Championship)

GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Daniel Ghita vs. Rico Verhoeven (Heavyweight Championship)

Photo by James Law for Glory World Series.

Rico Verhoeven battles Daniel Ghita for the Glory Heavyweight Championship of the world.

Verhoeven with a leg kick then a head kick. Ghita hasn’t thrown a punch in the first 30 seconds. The two fighters are staring at each other in the middle of the ring. Ghita with a big leg kick. He followed it up with another kick to the other side of the body. Verhoeven missed with a kick. Both fighters look like they are just waiting to explode on one another.

Verhoeven caught Ghita with a leg kick that landed low and Ghita is on his knees. Ghita is recovering and then returns back to action before the bell rings.

Round 2

Both fighters are showing a healthy respect for the other. The two are trading punches, but neither man is really letting loose. Verhoeven was temporarily stalled by a low blow, but quickly returned to action.

Round 3

Ghita has loosened his hands a bit and is landing punches. Verhoeven is trying to counter with leg kicks. Verhoeven landed a straight left and then a kick.

Round 4

Verhoeven came out with more intensity in this round. A front kick by Verhoeven, but Ghita counters with a right hand. Ghita lands with a head kick. Ghita slips, but is up quickly. Ghita slipped again after throwing a kick. The two trade kicks and Ghita is down again from a slip to end the round.

Round 5

Verhoeven backs him against the ropes and lands a flurry of punches. Verhoeven is staying busier in this round. The two are moving closer in the center of the ring. Ghita with a leg kick. Verhoeven counters with a leg kick. Neither fighter is doing much damage as the fifth round ends.

The judges award the vacant heavyweight title to Verhoeven by unanimous decision.