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GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Marc de Bonte vs. Joseph Valtellini (GLORY Welterweight World Championship Bout)


Champion De Bonte keeps his hands high close to his head like a traditional boxer.

Valtellini is coming forward throwing combinations, but De Bonte is quick to avoid them. De Bonte is conservative with his punches and not wasting a lot of energy. Neither fighter has broken a sweat at the end of Round 1.

Round 2

De Bonte is deliberate and methodical in his punches. He protects his face well. Valtellini is throwing punches, but isn’t landing much. De Bonte has strong defensive skills. He lands a leg kick on Valtellini and then a combination. Valtellini lands another leg kick. De Bonte seems comfortable feeling Valtellini’s power. Valtellini lands a kick to end the round.

Round 3

De Bonte caught Valtellini’s  leg and pushed him back. Valtellini then caught him with a big kick to the head and dropped him. De Bonte must have a head of concrete to survive that kick. He’s up and Valtellini is on him. He lands a spinning back fist and De Botne just looks at him.

De Bonte seems to be mad that he was knocked down and is now pressing the action. He lands a kick and a right hand and backs Valtellini up.De Bonte is coming forward and is the man pushing the action, despite getting knocked down.

Round 4

Valtellini is landing combinations, although nothing is hurting  De Bonte. De Bonte leg swept him and put Valtellini on his back. De Bonte is timing the right hand as Valtellini moves forward. Valtellini is staying more active and landing more punches.

De Bonte caught Valtellini with a running knee  and sent Vaitellini crashing to the mat. He’s up but he followed it up with another big knee. Valtellini is out on his feet as the round ends.

Round 5

De Bonte is fresh and lands a big right hand. De Bonte resembles ex-boxer Donald Curry, conservative with his punches and fresh at the end of the fight.  Valtellini is slow and backing up. De Bonte is loading up. He went for the running knee again and missed. De Bonte landed a big right hand in the corner. De Bonte is smacking him with punches and Valtellini isn’t defending much.

Valtellini is tired as the bell sounds to end the fight.

The judges score the fight 47-46 for Joseph Valtellini, who is the new GLORY welterweight champion. Valtellini looked surprised with the decision.