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GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Joe Schilling Knocks Simon Marcus Cold To Advance (Middleweight Tournament)

(Photo Courtesy via Glory World Series)

Considered one of the best kickboxers in the world, Joe Schilling came to the ring in an orange jumpsuit, resembling a prison felon.

Schilling, a Los Angeles fan favorite, takes on Simon Marcus, who is 39-0.

The two touch gloves to start the fight, but quickly start throwing huge punches.

The Muay Thai veterans are showing of their skills well. Schilling looks sharper, kicking and throwing punches. He caught Marcus’ leg, pushed him back and put a knee in his chest. Schilling wiht a running knee that was partially blocked by Marcus.

Schilling landed a big right hand to end the round and Marcus is out on his feet. He stumbled back to his corner.

Round 2

Schilling is fighting with arm bands. Schilling is pressing the action. Marcus landed a kick to the head. Marcus missed with a spinning back kick and then landed a series of punches that shook Schilling and sent him back into the corner.

Schilling weathered the storm and is now firing back, but Marcus returns the favor with his own combinations. Marcus is backing him up against the corner and landed with a big right hand. Schilling is fighting out of the corner, but then got dropped with a big right hand. He’s up and Marcus is looking for blood.

The bell ends the round, but this time it saves Schilling, not Marcus.

Round 3

Marcus lands a leg kick. Schilling throws a lead right hand that misses. The two are trading punches in the middle of the ring. Marcus lands a right hand. Schilling seems to have abandoned his kicks and lands with a right hand that knocks Marcus’ mouthpiece out. Schilling slipped and Big John McCarthy let Marcus put the mouthpiece back in.

Schilling is throwing big punches, and Marcus is bleeding from the nose.

Marcus steps it up with 10 seconds left in the fight and lands a knee to end the round.

All three judges score the fight 28-28 — a draw. Since it’s a Last Man Standing match, the fight goes to a fourth round.

The crowd is over the moon as the fighters start the fourth round. Both fighters are tired. Marcus lands a kick. Schilling has him hurt with a right hand and the crowd erupts. Marcus lost his mouthpiece again and McCarthy stops the action to let him put it back in. Schilling is in control and Marcus loses his mouthpiece again. McCarthy took a point away. Schilling is bleeding from the ear.

The two are trading punches, leaving it all inside the squared circle.

Schilling knocked him cold with a right hand and the fight is over. The crowd lost it with the highlight reel knockout.