Home Events GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Filip Verlinden vs. Melvin Manhoef (Middleweight Tournament)

GLORY 17 Los Angeles: Filip Verlinden vs. Melvin Manhoef (Middleweight Tournament)

(Photo via USAToday.com)

Melvin Manhoef, who also works as an MMA fighter, takes on Filip Verlinden.

Not a lot of action to start the fight. They circled each other. Both fighters clearly respect each other’s power. Manhoef is pushing the action, following him around the ring.

Verlinden’s back is already red from Manhoef’s kicks. Verlinden dropped Manhoef with a big leg kick as Manhoef was ducking his head. The kick thrashed Manhoef, but the bell rang after he rose to his feet.

Round 2. Manhoef landing sporadic kicks, fighting just enough to keep Verlinden from getting over confident. Verlinden is doing a good job of just slipping out from the tips of Manhoef’s punches. Verlinden landed a right leg kick followed by a right hand. A front leg kick hurt Manhoef, who countered with his own right hand. Verlinden landed another leg kick.

Round 3:

A straight jab by Verlindent, followed by a left hook. Manhoef is up in his face, but isn’t throwing punches. Manhoef finally lands punch to the side and back Verlinden up. Verlinden slips to the ground and gets a break from Manhoef who was about to jump on him.

Manhoef is trying to land more, sensing he probably lost the first two rounds. He landed with a left hook, then another and then missed with a big tornado punch. Verlinden seems content to play it safe in the final round. Manhoef landed a big leg kick and slipped and fell.

Fight goes to the judges. The winner advances to the next round of GLORY’s Last Man Standing tournament.

Verlinden wins the fight by unanimous decision.