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Legacy FC 32 Results; De Almeida TKO’s Machado, Krantz Chokes Out Bradley


Legacy FC 32 was live from The Horseshoe Casino in Shreveport, LA and showcased some of the hottest young talent in the sport of MMA.

In the last Legacy event, Bubba Bush retained his Legacy Middleweight Title and was called up to the UFC, can one of these fighters be next in line?

135lb Pro Bantamweight Bout; Chris Pham (3-2) vs Tony Kelley (3-0)

Round 1: Kelley threw a head kick early, then followed up with a left low and then a right high kick. He took Pham down and worked hard for a guillotine but to no avail. Tony took Chris’s back and landed some clean elbows until Pham worked his way out and up to his feet.  Pham then pressed Kelley up against the cage but Tony circled out and landed a quick 1-2 to the body of Chris, Pham replied with a head kick and a jumping front knee. Chris missed a spinning back elbow, fist and kick but finally landed a hard right before Tony took him down once more before the round ended.

Round 2: Pham and Kelley traded early on, Tony landed a knee to Pham’s face but Pham answered with an uppercut to Tony’s body. Kelley opened up and walked Chris down with a barrage of punches, followed by a takedown. Tony then landed an over hand right on the ground along with some hard side elbows. Pham threw some back elbows but Kelley answered with more, Chris reversed the position and entered Tony’s guard. The fighters both made their way to their feet and embraced each other while both were breathing heavy. Then as the ten second hands clapped Kelley put Pham in a standing front sleeper choke and as the bell sounded the ref broke the hold to find Chris unconscious. Controversy then followed as the hold could’ve been extended to in between the rounds, never the less the fight was stopped.

Official Decision: Tony Kelley def. Chris Pham via referee stoppage at 4:59 of Round 2.

170lb Pro Welterweight Bout; Geoff Neal (4-1) vs Chris Anthony (4-3)

Round 1: The pair started the action with leg kicks, Neal then pushed Chris into the cage and landed a hard left hand but ate a knee to his body. Neal followed up with a left hook and a left leg kick, Anthony fired back but nailed Neal’s cup. After the break in the action Geoff came out and swung hard leather and took Anthony down. Neal stood up while Chris was on his back and flew over his legs for a hard overhand right, Neal then set up in mount position and transitioned to take Anthony’s back but the round came to a close.

Round 2: Neal came out and landed a left leg kick followed by a right head kick and a hard right hand. Chris answered with a kick to the body of Geoff, Neal caught the next kick Chris threw and slammed him hard on the ground, but Anthony took control and gained Geoff’s back, Chris worked for a choke but failed and Neal was able to make it to his feet. Anthony met Geoff with a leg kick and Neal answered with a spinning back elbow right before the end of round 2.

Round 3: Both start the round again landing hard body kicks, and Neal followed up with two hard uppercuts to the jaw of Anthony. Geoff then took Anthony to the mat but for a split second and they both pop right back up. Geoff scores another takedown but doesn’t take advantage and the ref comes in and stands them both up. Neal lands a jumping knee and takes Chris down for a third time in the round, and lands some hard shots from the guard position. Anthony squirms out and they both gain their footing right at the end of the round and fight.

Official Decision: Geoff Neal def. Chris Anthony via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

185lb Pro Middleweight Bout; Nic Jackson (3-1) vs Quentin Henry (6-1)

Round 1: Quentin started things off with a left leg kick then waded in with a right hand and a left hook, Nic answered with a body kick but ate a right for his effort. Henry landed another hard right hand, then a left jab that dropped Jackson, Quentin then proceeded to land heavy bombs from the guard until Nic subdued him. Both stood up and immediately Quentin landed a stifling right hand that dropped Nic for the second time in the round. Henry followed Jackson to the ground but Nic reversed to gain top position, then Quentin threw up an arm-bar and there was no escape for Jackson who was forced to tap in the winding seconds of round 1.

Official Decision: Quentin Henry def. Nic Jackson via submission (arm-bar) at 4:51 of Round 1.

125lb Pro Flyweight Bout; Klayton Mai (6-1) vs Matt Schnell (3-2)

Round 1: Matt landed a quick right hand but ate two rights from Mai and was taken down, but not for long and already Schnell had a cut on his eye. Klayton moved forward and landed three hard straight right hands and took Matt down once more, and yet again Schnell pops up like a toaster pastry. Mai goes to the well once more but fails a take-down attempt for the first time, he then landed a straight right and attempted a standing guillotine. The submission failed and Mai missed a spinning back kick to end the round.

Round 2: Right from the start Mai comes out like a bull and and finds Schnell’s face with a hard right hook that wobbles Matt and Klayton rushes forward for a standing guillotine choke with authority and follows Schnell to the mat and makes Matt tap the mat.

Official Decision: Klayton Mai def. Matt Schnell via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:04 of Round 2.

170lb Pro Welterweight Co-Main Event Bout; Kyle Bradley (19-10) vs Derrick Krantz (14-8)

Round 1: UFC veteran Kyle Bradley comes forward with his hands low and lands a quick right hand and evaded a looping right from the Bellator veteran, Derrick. Krantz landed a right leg kick but absorbed a hard straight to the body, and then ate a another to the head. Following the explosive combo, Kyle slammed Derrick hard to the mat but lets him up. Derrick then scored a takedown of his own, gained side control and landed some nice ground and pound, Bradley was able to escape only to be slammed to the ground once more. Krantz pursued and secured Kyle’s back and sunk in a rear naked choke for a quick tap out.

Official Decision; Derrick Krantz def. Kyle Bradley via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:44 of Round 1.

135lb Pro Bantamweight Title Main Event Bout; Thomas De Almeida (17-0) vs Caio Machado (5-1)

Round 1: Caio landed a leg kick fast but Almeida answered with one of his own, and added a straight to the body of Machado. Caio landed another leg kick but was met by being pressed to the cage from Thomas, and Almeida lands a kick and an elbow along the fence. The fighters took the center once more and Machado lands a kick to the cup of Thomas, after the break Almeida landed two leg kicks and a hard knee to the body. He missed a spinning back elbow which allowed Caio to land a straight but ate an overhand right. Thomas pushed forward with knees to the body and a left-right-left combo to the face of Machado along the cage. Then Almeida poured on a body kick then a rib rocking, liver locking body uppercutt and Caio fell to the mat in the fetal position while Thomas landed shots until the referee stepped in to stop the bout.

Official Decision; Thomas De Almeida def. Caio Machado via TKO (strikes) at 4:17 of Round 1.


155lb Amateur Lightweight Bout; Spencer Flores (6-1-1) def. Ariel Juarez (8-5) via submission (rear naked choke) at :50 of round 1.

125lb Amateur Female Flyweight Title Fight; Andrea Lee (8-3) def. Valerie Aspas (5-2) via unanimous decision.

206+lb Pro Heavyweight Bout; King Gladney (2-0) def. John Clay (0-1) via submission (guillotine choke) at 1;39 of round 1.

170lb Pro Welterweight Bout; Brandon Martin (3-3) def. Jovon Roberson (1-2) via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:56 of round 1.

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