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Diego Peclat CFFC: “Don’t Blink”


Diego Peclat (3-5-1), a Brazilian fighter training out of the Blackzilians in Florida, has traveled to New Jersey with a purpose. He is slated to Fight Emmanuel Walo at Cage Fury Fighting Championships this Saturday in Morristown New Jersey. He indicated that he won their last bout via decision, but it was later changed to draw.

Scifighting: So last fight you had with Walo was a draw do you want to talk about that?
Peclat: actually it was not a draw I won by a unanimous decision and when I went into the locker room before I even talked to my family the lady from the commission came in. She told me that there was a problem with the judges score card and that actually it was a draw. I don’t have nothing against him. But he talk shit and where I come from lies like that you go down pretty bad.

Scifighting: has your training style changed to prepare for this fight?
Peclat: no it didn’t change at all. I’ve been training hard. I am coming from another fight, even though I won I could have done better. That is what I am going to do now. I am like this , there are fights I thought that I won and they gave to my opponent, but I took it like man I am not going to cry about it. The thing is I think I was set up for the home guy, and they brought me there to lose and when I won it upset them. I went there they were expecting me to lose and I won and they didn’t like that. I thought I won and they give to the other guy, I just didn’t do enough to win by submission or a knock out. I am going to do everything I can in this fight to not let this happen again.

Scifighting: Where do you feel strongest in your game right now?
Peclat: Both, my striking and I have been working on wrestling with my coach there and that has helped me a lot on my take downs. My jujitsu game is very sharp and I feel comfortable anywhere, I will go to where the fight goes so I can finish.

Scifighting: How do you predict this fight going?
Peclat: You win or you lose, its sucks not winning. I am not going to pick fights that I am going to win, because I don’t want to just build my record up.

“I don’t hate the guy I am going to leave everything in the cage and I am not letting anyone take anything from me anymore”

Scifighting: anyone that you would like to thank:
Peclat: I would like to thank my wife and all my friends, my sponsors for giving me all their support. I would like to thank my team, Glen Robinson, and Josh Husak, and Mike Thorwart. My friends in Brazil, my training partners and the guys I work for with the beach Boca Raton Deerfield Beach Ocean Rescue as a lifeguard.

These two have unfinished business, and as Peclat indicates he wants to finish it. This is grudge match in its purest form. Both fighters are ready to prove themselves and to leave it all in the cage. Pelcat leaves us with this advice for Saturday “ don’t blink “.