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Emmanuel “Manny” Walo CFFC Grudge Match : “Whatever is Thrown in My Direction I Will be Able to Adapt”


Emmanuel “Manny” Walo(5-1-1) Is fighting in his home state of New Jersey this weekend at Cage Furry Fighting Championship. He will be facing Diago Peclat (4-5) for the second time in his professional career. Out of his five wins one was a devastating KO in the CFFC cage, one submission and the rest by of his victories via Decision. However Walo and Peclat unquestionable these two have some unfinished business in the cage. The decision went to Peclat after their last fight, but was later called a draw. We got an opportunity to speak with Walo about his upcoming fight and how he thinks the fight will go.

Scifighting: Do you feel like you have a lot to prove this fight against Peclat?
Walo: yeah I definitely have something to prove. I felt personally I won the fight and the fact it was in Virginia I wanted to solidify the point that I did win the fight, so I definitely feel like I have something to prove this fight. I don’t know how this fight will go. I always come out to strike.

” I am a striker first, if he is willing to strike with me it will be a fun fight for the audience, like I said if it goes to the ground I am very versatile. I feel like the hype is built up because there were some things said between us. He said some stuff, I said some stuff, so there is a lot of build up to this fight so I am hoping to live up to the hype . Whatever is thrown in my direction I will be able to adapt to it.”

Scifighting: Have you changed your camp for this fight?
Walo:Pretty much every camp is the same I don’t train for just one specific fighter, I train to become a better fighter. I’m training everything and I usual adapt once I get into the cage.

Scifighting: Most of your wins have been via decision, is that something you’re looking to change? Do you feel comfortable winning via decision?
Walo: for me winning is winning. I have to get more finishes if I want to move to the next level WSOF or the UFC, nobody wants a guy that has lots of decisions, but I definitely feel like I can take a fight in deep waters and my cardio will hold up, that’s been proven several times throughout my career. I am definitely going to look for the opportunity to finish, and I am definitely going to take it

Scifighting: What can we expect to see from you as a fighter developing your career?
Walo: you guys can expect to see a confident more aggressive fighter. I am finally coming into my own and getting comfortable inside the cage, my training is going good, and my diet, my weight cut is getting better. I am a fighter that is trying to prove I can make it to the next level, so you’re going to see someone who is confident in his abilities and willing to put on a good show for the audience.

Scifighting: Is there anyone you would like to thank form this fight camp?
Walo: I would like to say thank you to James Meals, Jamal Patterson and all my teammates at All-star BJJ/team Renzo Gracie and Ricardo Almeida BJJ. Also big thanks to my Girlfriend and management company Spotlight Sports Management. CFFC for giving me the opportunity to continue to fight and grow. All my friends, family, My coaches and supporters. Huge shout out to my sponsors: enlistedninefight company, Nue Resource Funding’s, Sozo Ignite Nutrition Beverage and T5 Nutrition.

This Saturday in Morristown NJ these two will be squaring off again to settle the score. Walo reports that he is confident in his abilities and willing to take the fight wherever it goes, and no matter where that is he is confident he will prove himself. This is a battle that fight fans are not going to want to miss.

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