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The Ultimate Fighter 19 Episode 10 Recap


Hector Urbina and Chris Fields playfully quarrel at after knocking back a few at TUF house. At one point, Fields slaps a buck-naked Tim Williams on the back-side while Williams screams “Let’s get busy!”

Five of eight advancing fighters belong to Team Edgar, leaving coach Frankie Edgar in a tough spot. This includes a match between teammates Cory Anderson and Patrick Walsh face. “I’m not gonna coach either one of them, I told them they’re gonna have to pick a couple of teammates they feel comfortable with and we’ll let them coach,” Edgar said.

Surprisingly, Anderson and Walsh decide to spar together. “To me, he’s like the person I’m fighting. He IS the person I’m fighting,” Walsh said.

Assistant coach Mark Henry works with Eddie Gordon in preparation for this week’s opening semifinal bout with Cathal Pendred. Coach Edgar believes Gordon needs to keep the fight standing in order to win.

Coach B.J. Penn hopes Pendred making it a grappling match by consistently taking Gordon to the cage. “Cal’s gotta grab his leg and drive him to the fence, but we know it’s not easy. Eddie Gordon’s ready for that,” Penn said. Pendred’s game plan is to go right at Gordon, he doesn’t want a “feeling out period.”

Dana White invites the advancing fighters to the MGM Grand where UFC 167 preparation are under way. This isn’t a reward. Rather, White is so disappointed in performances over the last few weeks that he hopes this will serve as a motivational tool. “If this doesn’t fire these guys up, I don’t know what the hell to do,” White said. He reiterates that one victory separates them from a fight at Mandalay Bay.

Eddie Gordon vs. Cathal Pendred- middleweight bout

Round 1- Pendred wastes little time. He charges Gordon with a combination and briefly forces him against the cage. Gordon stuffs multiple takedown attempts and jumps on Pendred’s back. He finds himself in half guard position, throwing elbows to Pendred’s head, but the Irishman escapes. Once on his feet, Pendred connects with a spin kick to Gordon’s head, immediately getting into the clinch after. He lands a knee to the body and backs away. Pendred clinches Gordon against the cage, lifts him, and slams him to the mat. Pendred fights from half-guard as Gordon slowly finds his way up. Pendred stays on him and lands another takedown. Gordon can only defend Pendred’s advances for so long before being taken down a third time. Pendred nearly locks in a rear-naked choke as time expires.

Round 2- Aggressive as always, Pendred pins Gordon’s back to the cage. Gordon reverses and briefly attempts a standing guillotine. They separate at center ring where Pendred lands a stiff left hook. He misses with another spinning heel kick and backs away. Gordon idly stands by as Pendred connects with a big right uppercut. The tempo has slowed considerably. Pendred’s spinning back fist backfires; Gordon catches him mid-spin, landing his first takedown. Gordon is landing shots to the head and body as Pendred’s head rests on the Octagon cage. Gordon backs away, giving Pendred time to get to his feet. Pendred shoots for another takedown and feebly strikes Gordon’s right thigh.

Round 3- Gordon comes out swinging. He misses with a combo before landing a hard punch to the side of Pendred’s head. Pendred answers with an uppercut. They stand-and-trade for a bit. Gordon’s takedown attempts is stuffed as Pendred charges, holding on to his opponent’s torso. Gordon breaks free with a right knee. They measure each other up in center right as the persistent Pendred again takes the fight to the cage. Visibly exhausted, the fighters’ catches their breath trading punches in the meantime. With less than a minute remaining, Gordon denies Pendred of a takedown. He hits Pendred with a big right but doesn’t have enough time to follow up.

Gordon defeats Pendred via split decision

After sparring together this week, Walsh and Anderson face off in next week’s light-heavyweight semifinal bout.

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