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CFFC Drew Aguilar: “I am Looking Forward to Battling Him in My World”


Fighting in Morristown Nj this Saturday is Flyweight Drew Aguilar. Drew has a 2-2 Professional record and will be taking one Sergio De Silva (2-5) for the second time in his career. There is defiantly some tension between the two fighters after the decision win of Aguilar over De Silva. Aguilar reports that they are both different fighters with more experience, so it will play out differently this time.

Scifighting: Can you talk a little about your fight camp for this fight?
Aguilar: It was more condensed and very focused. I have had more time to work my strength and condition and go back to my roots as far as wrestling. I have been just sparing a lot harder and making everything more intense.

Scifighting:Lets talk about your opponent what are your plans for him this fight?
Aguilar : I had won via unanimous decision and in his eyes he thought he won ,I know that I won. The matter is it’s a new fight and we are both new fighters. I know he is stronger in his jujitsu game.

” Last fight I worked in his world off the ground and this time I am going to make him fight in my world.”

I am going to do my best to keep it on the feet, and I know he is tough and going to try to come at me full force rush me to the cage or bring it to the ground. I am looking forward to battling him in my world.

Scifighting: Your last fight you didn’t come out with a win due to doctor stoppage has that effect you at all?
Aguilar: During that last fight I was doing well on my feet, I sprawled and I felt very comfortable with my jujitsu and transitioned into a submission attempt and caught an elbow. The ref pulled us apart and pulled in the doc and it was a pretty nice gash. The matter of fact is I could have kept going, but I would rather live to fight another day. The Doctor said it was too close to a nerve or something. I’d love to get the opportunity to fight Pete Cole again, but congrats to him on getting the stoppage. It doesn’t discourage me at all. I have been fighting to get back in the cage, and it’s my opportunity so I am looking forward to it.

Scifighing: How do you see this playing out in your eyes?
Aguilar: Even though Sergio and I fought, I don’t expect anything less from him, he shouldn’t expect anything less from me. So I expect a war, leave it out there have some fun, do what we pros do best and come out on top.

Scifighting: Anyone you want to thank or talk about from this fight camp?
Aguilar: I want to thank a lot of people, first and foremost my brother for pushing me with the strength training and he is a big part of my life and my career and I am looking forward to show everything I have learned and what I can do. Everyone over at Renzo Gracie Philly, Daniel Gracie Paul Stiner, everyone that stepped on the mats with me rolled with me or worked with me. Everyone in that camp.UFC gym at Cherry Hill in Tannersville. So many I want to thank sponsors everyone who’s been with me. So many people I want to thank, of course my fiancé Kelly Delgato she’s been my biggest support we just had our first kid together and she still supports me through everything and it allows me to continue this sport. So I owe her the world and I plan to give it to her.

On Saturday in the CFFC cage we should expect a war from both these flyweights and as Aguilar said he expects to keep the fight in his comfort zone and come out victorious.

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