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Unified Weapons Master Exhibits Intelligent Armor in Action

Photo courtesy of Unified Weapons Master

Last February, Unified Weapons Master introduced a body suit fit for a superhero. The Batman-esque garb includes wireless connectivity, a point-of-view camera, and numerous pressure sensors. Now, the Australia-based company has released video of an upgraded version in action.

Dubbed ‘Lorica’ after metal strips worn by 16th century Roman soldiers, the intelligent suits were recently battle tested as part of the combat sport’s UWM Unleashed series. Machetes, staffs, European and Japanese swords, and tomahawks were used to measure damage would sustained had participants not worn the armor.

“The data captured revealed some interesting facts. The most damaging strike recorded in the UWM Unleashed series was a spinning backfist to the temple, using the butt of a tomahawk, measuring 6.1 kilonewtons or about 1,371 pounds of force,” UWM CEO David Pysden said in a press release.

UWM’s prerogative is to re-ignite an interest in weaponized martial arts. Their first prototype caught the attention of local governments looking to use its software as a preventative measure against weapon-based attacks. Pysden even negotiated potential broadcast deals with companies’ interest in traditional MMA-style fights. Instead of submitting or knocking out an opponent, fighters are awarded points based on a data gathering system.

With events planned for 2015, Pysden and his team are ready for the next step in Lorica’s evolution. Plans include adding technology that monitors a fighter’s heart rate, oxygen saturation level, and body temperature.

“Our technical team has spent hours analyzing the UWM Unleashed series data and this information will be used to refine and improve the Lorica armor as we move into Stage 2 which involves building production versions,” Pysden said.

Watch the latest instalment of UWM’s Unleashed series below: