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Jarrell Miller; “Cro Cop Will Leave That Ring FU@#$% Up.” On Glory 17 FIght


Glory Kickboxing is having its’ 17th event this weekend and its’ first ever PPV showing, the card will feature a one night Middleweight Tournament to determine the Glory Middleweight Champion, a Glory Welterweight Title fight between Champion Marc De Bonte and challenger Joe Valtellini. Then headlining the night will a Glory Heavyweight Title clash showcasing Daniel Ghita going toe to toe with Rico Verhoeven.

The next in line for the Heavyweight strap could be determined on the prelims card to be shown on Spike TV in a rematch of two kickboxing giant juggernauts Jarrell Miller (21-1) and Mirko Cro Cop (22-8).

The burger eating brute, Miller is confident in his chances at claiming victory in the rematch.

“I’m relaxed and I’m in Vegas eating as much cheeseburgers as possible and I’m looking forward to the fireworks on the 21st. Ring rust is only for suckas, I’m going in there and I’m going to whoop this old fool’s ass. I was born and bread for this sh*& man.”

Jarrell hasn’t fought in a year, kickboxing that is.

He went 5-0 with 5 knockouts in Boxing while away.

The 39 year old Cro Cop won their first encounter via majority decision in the Croatian’s home town of Zagreb at the K-1 World Grand Prix Heavyweight Quarterfinals.

Jarrell believes he was duped.

“My main thing is I gotta go in there and beat his old a#$, not leave it to the judges, I’m going to throw a million punches a round and get him out of there. Even the commentators thought I won the first fight, the judges played me in his home town. He’s known for clinching and head butting so it’s time to get some revenge, everyone knows I won the first fight.”

Jarrell is more motivated than Bugs Bunny in a carrot eating contest to compete in the rematch with the Mirko who gave him his first and only loss.

“O hell yes I’m motivated, he robbed and cheated me, he stole a victory, our first fight was business, this fight is personal. It’s one thing to beat me and I’d bow, give the person their props and go back to the drawing board. It’s an entirely different thing to get robbed. I’m fighting for my city and my country.” Continues the American Miller, “This is like the Olympics of kick boxing. It will be so sweet, the victory and the cheeseburger I eat after this fight will be the absolute best.”

Miller finishes by giving a prediction of how he will finish and where the best cheeseburgers are located.

“I’m going to win by second round knockout, Cro Cop will not win this fight, Cro Cop will leave that ring fu$%^& up. Honestly 5 Guys is a great burger as is the Batchi Burger in Vegas, it’s 100% ground beef and it’s the absolute truth, I’m tellin’ you.”