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Mississippi MMA; AFC 3 Results


The tour of the local MMA terrain continued Saturday night in the confines of the Golden Nugget Casino along the gulf coast in the city of Biloxi. Atlas Fighting Championships provided it’s 3rd showing and provided high quality MMA from some of the best local fighters in the Gulf South region. AFC has been the breeding ground for such fighters as UFC Heavyweight Shawn Jordan, UFC Women’s Featherweight Miesha Tate, TUF Competitors Wes Shivers and Charlie Rader, who will be the next in line to make it big?

145 Pound Amateur Featherweight Title Fight; Carlos Vera (8-4) vs Corey Wilson (11-3-1)

In a rematch of two very evenly matched 145 pounders, b0th came out swinging hard early, Corey used takedowns to his advantage early in the round, but on the ground Vera would try kimuras and arm-bars but to no avail as Wilson was able to land heavy shots to end the round. In the second Vera landed an early high kick to the much taller Wilson. Vera followed up with a take-down of his own but not for long as Corey popped back up and slammed Carlos to the mat where Vera once more looked for submission openings but then sneaks off the ground only to be slammed to it once more. In round 3 both fighters showcased a barrage of leg kicks then Corey landed another takedown, but Carlos got up fast and started to control the stand up and landed rights, body kicks and knees until the final bell rung ending a fight where win or lose both combatants should go Pro in my mind.

Official Decision; Corey Wilson def. Carlos Vera via Split Decision

170lb Pro Welterweight Fight; DK Woods (0-2) vs Robert Turnquist (2-0)

Turnquist rushed out early and pressed DK against the fence and turned to land a trip and a loud popping noise is heard throughout the arena and a doctor rushed into the cage as the fight is stopped due to Woods’s shoulder being separated.

Official Decision; Robert Turnquist def. DK Woods via doctor stoppage (separated shoulder) at 1:08 of round 1.

135lb Pro Bantamweight Fight; Kameron Van Ostrand (0-2) vs Chris Myers (4-10)

Another quick fight and Myers took Kameron down early and transitioned to mount easily then switches to take Ostrand’s back and started raining down hard shots then sunk in a quick choke to earn the tap out.

Official Decision; Chris Myers def. Kameron Van Ostrand via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:35 of round 1.

145lb Pro Featherweight Fight; Bradley Collins (2-2) vs Justin Howard (0-3)

Yet again a fight doesn’t make it out of the opening frame as both the warriors come out and swing wildly early, Bradley jumped for a standing guillotine. Howard fought out and entered Collins’s guard and Bradley shot up a triangle choke, sunk it and Justin was forced to tap out.

Official Decision; Bradley Collins def. Justin Howard via submission (triangle choke) at 1:30 of round 1.

160lb Pro Catch-weight Fight; Josh Davila (3-1) vs Melvin Smith (1-1)

Davila came out early with a variety of kicks, but Melvin took him down and dropped backwards for a heel hook, but the Rafael Ellewanger trained, Davila fought out and entered Smith’s guard. Josh attempted a guillotine but Melvin fought out and reversed position along the cage, Josh lands another takedown and the round ends. Round 2 the pair come out and both landed hard right hands, Josh goes back to his kicking arsenal, landing a body, push and 2 straight leg kicks then a hard knee to the body. Josh continued his dominance by taking Smith down and landing in mount, once he was there he landed punches and elbows and attempted a kimura but Melvin got out and back to his feet. Josh rushes Melvin quickly and takes him down again and almost sinks a rear naked choke before the bell sounds. Davila entered round 3 with a beautiful jumping push kick to Smith’s face that bounced off the cage. Davila landed another takedown and transitions flawlessly to side control then straight to mount. Melvin fought off arm-bars and triangles but each time Josh would secure mount once more and this continued until the fight ended.

Official Decision; Josh Davila def. Melvin Smith via unanimous decision.

180lb Pro Catch-weight Fight; Baraq Hunter (1-2) vs Todd Leitermann (6-7)

There’s a feeling out process early on, but then it turns into the Baraq show, Hunter landed a body kick, leg kick, step-in uppercut, left jab, left body kick then a right leg kick and Todd couldn’t get inside. Hunter went back to hunting, and landed a left jab, left hook, right leg kick, then a left hook and Todd fought desperately but failed to take him down. Baraq landed one more hard body kick to end the round. The second round started with Hunter landing a left uppercut and Leitermann failing another takedown, Baraq landed a left jab then a left leg kick then 2 straight left hands, then a right hand that backed Todd up. Hunter landed a hard right hook and the muay thai/kickboxing showcase continued with a left jab then a left hook, Leitermann missed a punch and ate another left hand. Todd’s face absorbed another left jab then a right and it starts turning red. Out of desperation Todd went for a takedown and Hunter easily avoided the offensive maneuver and took Todd’s back, and landed absolute bombs to the side of Leitermann’s face until he forced the 40 year old fighter to tap out on his shield in his last fight.

Official Decision; Baraq Hunter def. Todd Leitermann via submission (strikes) at 4:44 of round 2.

135lb Pro Bantamweight Main Event Fight; Aaron Williams (27-19) vs Rudy Flores (2-1)

The veteran Aaron comes out early and lands a hard left hook that immediately drops Rudy and Aaron entered his guard and controlled Flores on the ground. Williams landed knees to the body and thighs then stood up and invited Rudy to do the same. The pair exchange hard hooks but Aaron poured it on with left and right jabs to back Rudy up, Flores fought for a takedown but to no avail and ate a flying knee from Williams. Rudy landed a knee of his own but got wobbled by a hard left hook from Aaron. Flores then bull rushes with his head down and takes Williams down who grabs Rudy’s neck on the way down and sinks in a Guillotine and the bell ends round 1, only to have Aaron release the hold and Flores lay limp on the canvas.

Official Decision; Aaron Williams def. Rudy Flores via submission (guillotine) at 4:59 of round 1.

Fighters to watch

Aaron Williams (27-19)- Always fun to watch

Baraq Hunter (1-2)- Better than his record indicates

Josh Davila (3-1)

Robert Turnquist (2-0)

Rudy Flores (2-1)- He lost but he’s fast and young and will improve



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