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“It’ll be more than a pleasure to beat you up” Twitter Exchange Between Patricio Pitbull and Pat Curren


Patricio “Pitbull’ Frieire (21-2) was slated for his long-awaited rematch against Pat Curran (20-5) On June 6th. Pat Curren the Current Champion reported he suffered a calf strain and was unable to compete. “I’ve been training incredibly hard for this fight by pushing myself to my absolute limits in training,” Curran said in a statement released by Bellator.“Unfortunately during some conditioning drills, I suffered a bad calf strain that has halted my training for one of the biggest fights of my career. I have my sights set on getting back into the cage as soon as possible with July in mind, but I want to be 100% healthy heading into that cage to smash ‘Pitbull’.”

It seems that shortly after Bellator 121 concluded the two could begin a twitter war that is getting fans on both sides excited to see this rematch.

Patricio Freire ‏@PatCurranMMA @andreborbar @BellatorMMA A fight is a fight, but in a street fight I eat you alive. It wouldn’t even be funny. Stop dreaming”

Pat Curran @PatricioPitbull @andreborbar @BellatorMMA I would love to see it. I’d destroy u in a street fight. I’d bet my whole purse on it.

Patricio Freire ‏@PatCurranMMA @andreborbar @BellatorMMA street or do you want to wait for the fight? Let me know.

Pat Curran ‏@PatricioPitbull @andreborbar @BellatorMMA i’d much rather make $ beating the shit out of u but would be happy to run into u in the streets

Patricio Freire ‏ @PatCurranMMA @andreborbar @BellatorMMA It’ll be more than a pleasure to beat you up.

Patricio Freire ‏@PatCurranMMA @andreborbar @BellatorMMA I’d prefer much more to beat you up for the entire world to see. But if you want it so badly now

Pat Curran ‏@PatricioPitbull @BellatorMMA when $$ is involved I want to be 100% but if I see u in the streets that’s a different story

Patricio Freire ‏PatCurranMMA @BellatorMMA What’s the difference? Can’t you beat me? Let me know when should I pack my bags. I will teach you to be a man.

Pat Curran @PatricioPitbull @BellatorMMA starting packing. It’s going to be a quick trip after I head but you to unconsciousness #realtalk”

When will the two be able to exchange punches instead of words, it has not yet been released but it seems that when it does happen it will not disappoint Bellator fans.

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