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Louisiana MMA; RMMA 30 Results


Most fighters in the UFC, Bellator, WSOF and Titan didn’t begin there, they began on the local scene and I’ll be personally covering local events in the Gulf Coast region to bring the spot light on the young prospects of this sport. Renaissance MMA had their 30th showing in New Orleans at Harrah’s Casino and it didn’t disappoint.

145 Pound Amateur Featherweight Title Fight; Benjamin England (9-3) vs William Prather (7-0)

Very intense action in all three rounds, many striking exchanges in a fight that was possibly the hardest of the night scoring wise. In the end of a razor close match-up came a razor close decision.

William Prather def. Benjamin England via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

155 Pound Amateur Lightweight Title Fight; James Montano (6-2) vs Jason Russell (6-6)

A back and forth first round which saw Montano come off the mat after being dropped by a Russell stiff jab. James body kicked Jason and then obliterated his ribs with knees leading to a tap out due to srikes.

Official Decision; James Montano def. Jason Russell via submission (verbal) in the first round.

155 Pound Pro Lightweight Fight; Dustin Hebert (1-1) vs Brennan Sevin (6-1)

In my personal fight of the night, this pair of gladiators saddled up and went to war. Sevin dropped Hebert three times in round one and swarmed him at one point and the ref pulled him off and the crowd thought the fight was over. Far from it. The ref called time to give Dustin his mouth piece back. The 2nd round saw Dustin start to mount is offense and he fought out of a variety of submissions from Sevin. Hebert opened up a cut and and tripped Brandon and landed many shots from the guard. Third round looked like a scene from Warrior. Brennan pushed forward with punches and Dustin met him with kicks and got bloodied himself in the process and the pair exchanged until the epic fight ended.

Official Decision; Bennan Sevin defeated Dustin Hebert via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

155 Pound Pro Lightweight Fight; Thanh Le (2-0) vs Matt Voughon (3-4)

Le looked like he literally glided around the cage, he landed leg kicks early, then uppercuts and a knee to the body made Matt fall to the mat and Thanh swarmed. He paced himself and backed off then Le faked a telegraph right and landed a left in a combination I rarely have seen. Then unexpectedly Matt lands a right that drops Le but Thanh trips Voughon quicker than a hiccup and secures his back and chokes Matt out.

Official Decision; Thanh Le def. Matt Voughon via submission (rear naked choke) in the first round.

125 Pound Pro Flyweight Title Fight Main Event; Cy Landry (7-0) vs Jesse Thorton (5-7)

Hesistent begininng for both fighters, Cy landed hard body shots but was taken down really hard. Cy would get back to his feet and land big knees but Thorton would fight  him off with stinging jabs. Cy scored a quick take down right at the end of the first. Thorton came out and landed a hard body kick then took Cy down and Landry went for an armbar but was picked up and slammed to the canvas. Cy then looked for a triangle and transitioned quickly back to an armbar for the 2nd round submission victory.

Official Decision; Cy Landry def. Jesse Thorton via submission (rear naked choke) in the second round.

Fighters to watch for;

RMMA Flyweight Champion, Cy Landry (7-0)

Thanh Le (2-0)

Dustin Hebert (1-1)

Brandon Sevin (6-1)