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CFFC Fighter Shane Manley: “I definitely plan on leaving with my hand raised”


Cage Fury Fighting Championships, Shane Manely (2-2) will be stepping in the cage with Melvis Figueroa (3-5) on June 21st, 2014 in Morristown, New Jersey. Shane Manley resides in upstate New York and will be fighting in the CFFC cage for his second time. Scifighting got the opportunity to talk to this up and comer about his training and how he sees his future career in Mixed Martial Arts.

Scifighting: What has your training camp consisted of for this fight?
Manley : I have been training hard, working real hard. My mom actually is from Trinidad , she moved here when she was like 19 and she always tells me” You work hard at something you can have whatever you want”, so I always try to work as hard as possible, I try to cover every area . I have a strength coach, Jujitsu coach, boxing coach, Muay Thai , and wrestling coach.

Scifighting: Tell me about training I’ve heard you’ve been working with some top-level guys for this fight … who are some of your coaches?
Manley : I’ve got Rodrigo Botti, he’s a jujitsu world champion. My Head coach is Jim Andrello, Professorial kickboxing back ground. My old boxing coach I started working with again I have been working with him a lot, Juan Perez. He has been really crucial to my game he makes put in the work. Jon Fitch was working my wrestling and MMA game but he is back in fight camp now. I got to trill with him a lot which improved my wrestling game a lot. My strength Coach is Russell Harleston, who I have been working with three times a week. So that’s who I have been working with coaches wise pretty much. I have gotten the opportunity to train with Mat Brown, which is great to watch someone that high level. He’s a great role model, super humble dude, but at the same time he’s a super violent guy, and I want to be like that really nice but when it’s time to fight be a killer.

Scifighting: How has your training changed your fighting style from last fight?
Manley : For my last fight I was jumping all over the place for training now I am training at one place The Pacific Health club, which is nice . I do my physical therapy there I walk across the track and meet with my conditioning coach two or three times a week, and everything is right there and it’s been very convenient, Nice to have someone watching over you my head coach.

Scifighting: Do you know much about your opponent? What’s your game plan?
Manley : I don’t really know too much about him, I am not too worried about what he is going to do, I am trying to work all my angles and just be ready.

“Whether its 15 seconds or 15 minutes I am ready to come in there and try to be as violent as possible the whole time and I definitely plan on leaving with my hand raised”.


Scifighting: What is it like fighting for CFFC ?
Manley : They take good care of you, super high level production, it’s the promotion I am going to get the most exposure from and a lot of their champions go to the UFC.At this point in my career this is the best place to be. I want to go out there and put on an entertaining fight and be able to fight for them again .

Scifighting: What can we expect to see from you in your future fighting career?
Manley : Right now I am still young in this game, I work hard, and the best of me is still yet to come. You can expect to see exciting fights, I am trying to go out there and be the total package.

To watch Manleys fight you can order tickets or find out how to PPV the fights at http://www.cffc.tv/ . CFFC holds at least 12 shows annually and has quickly gained recognition as the #1 Regional MMA promotion in the Northeast. They have some of the best upcoming talent in MMA. Shane Manley is an example of this talent; he is ready to entertain fight fans and plans on leaving with a victory.