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Jon Jones Lashes Out Against Fans, Gus Lashes Out Against Jones


It was all honky dory in the UFC Light Heavyweight world, it seemed everything was inching closer to a rematch for the “Fight of the Year” between defending champ Jon Jones and challenger Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 177.

The date was set, August 30th. The city was set, Las Vegas. The challenger, Gustafsson agreed.

But that’s not what the champ wanted.

“Just to clear things up, people think we’re in contract negotiations with Jones…We aren’t.” Said UFC President Dana White.

“Jones still has five fights left on his contract. What we are trying to get him to do right now is sign the bout agreement Gustafsson. However he doesn’t want to fight Alexander. Lorenzo and I have a meeting with Jones on Thursday to get him to sign the bout agreement and he’s asking to fight (Daniel) Cormier instead.”

When the audience and media say a Champion is “ducking” what does the Champion normally do?


Jones reacted in the form of a 16 second YouTube video stating, “Asking for  an undefeated Olympic Wrestler and former Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion makes me some kind of a coward? How about the fact that I beat Gustafsson already, whether you guys like how close it was or not, it’s my career..not yours.”

Merely hours after the video, Alexander Gustafsson took to another social medai outlet, Facebook, tagging “Bones” Jones in a post.

“Jon Bones Jones, be a man and sign that bout agreement and stop running. Keep in mind that after I beat you and become the champ I might be doing the same to you when you chase me for a rematch as a revenge for not accepting my challenge. Sooner or later you will have to face me so just make it sooner! The fans want this fight, UFC wants this fight and I want this fight, and damn I deserve it!”

Alexander wasn’t the only one to follow up with a statement toward Jon Jones, Dana White also released another statement for Bones and the media.

“Gustafsson is next in line. Even Cormier said ‘Listen I hope this whole thing works out for me and I get the shot but even I believe Gustafsson deserves the next shot.’ Gustafsson is the number 1 contender, he’s waited for the rematch and (Cormier) even agrees. You’re the champion, you’re the pound-for-pound best guy in the world, and he says he wants to be known as the best ever. Well you don’t turn down opponents, you know what I mean?”

It’s all a waiting game.

Will Jones fight? Will he not? If he doesn’t what will the reprucussions be? Stay tuned to SciFighting.com for all the updates.