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Is Chael Sonnen the Future Heir to The UFC Throne? Will He Face Vitor at UFC 175…Or Not?


After the two UFC events were completed this past weekend and the dust began to settle, it wasn’t the actions but the words of UFC Prsident Dana White that raised eyebrows and fireworks once more.

“I think Chael would be fantastic,” White proclaimed about a possible passing of the UFC guard. “The thing is with Chael, though, is that he over-exaggerates too much, and you don’t know what’s real and what’s not.”

The 9th ranked UFC Light Heavyweight and 3 time Title Contender, Sonnen has been known to be incredibly brash but his intellect is always on display whether he is commentating, analyzing, fighting, or just speaking in general. He is most notably known for his immensely creative trash talking and innovative ways of hyping his own fights.

“Chael is obviously a passionate guy,” Continues White. “I think he loves the sport and he’s great. Let me tell you what, Chael has so many opportunities right now, he wouldn’t even have time. He’s got a lot of opportunities out there right now, it’s wide open for him. The guy never turns down a fight; he never says no and it doesn’t matter who it is. I could call him tomorrow and tell him he’s fighting Cain Velasquez and he’ll take the fight. He’s a great guy but on the flip side he’s got a lot of opportunities that others don’t.”

An oppurtunity that Chael had at UFC 175 was to face fellow TUF Brazil 3 coach and Pride standout Wanderlei Silva, however Silva pulled out of the affair and fellow Brazillian Vitor Belfort is now set to take his spot….Or is he?

Vitor was ready for a 185 pound title shot but was selected for a random drug test before he recieved his license for the title tilt. However Joe Rogan recently said “They randomly tested Vitor and he was on testosterone, that’s the reason testosterone was banned in the first place. The whole thing went down when Vitor tested positive with the NSAC, after that. Before that, they were considering him for a testosterone exemption and because he tested positive they scrapped the whole program.”

Vitor has to now approach the Nevada State Athletic Commission in hopes of a license to face Sonnen, but it seems bleak they’d grant him one if he did indeed fail a drug test prior.

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