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TUF Brazil 3 Main Card Round by Round Results; Micocic Mauls Maldonado in the First


TUF Brazil in it’s 3rd installment will be completed and a middleweight and heavyweight season winner will be crowned. Also, a victor will emerge from a heavyweight titlt between Stipe Miocic and Fabio Maldonado who’s stepping in on short notice for fellow Brazilian, Junior Dos Santos.

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Rony Jason (14-4) vs Robbie Peralta (17-4)

Round 1: Both come out to a feeling out process, Robbie lands a leg kick to open things up. Another leg kick lands a few seconds later and Peralta presses Rony against the cage but Rony scores a take down and grabs the back for only moments though. Both regain their footing and Jason lands a spinning back elbow but Peralta is unwavered. Robbie throws a hard right but misses and Jason lands a quick counter hook, but Peralta presses Rony against the cage, then they both take the center of the cage. Peralta throws a combo, landing an over hand right but misses the second punch, then lands a leg kick. Rony misses a right high kick and Peralta misses a spinning back fist. Rony misses a flying knee and is taken down but lands an upkick before the round ends.

Round 2: Peralta lands a leg kick, then a few combos are landed for Peralta then backs Janson against the cage. But Janson scores a takedown only to be reversed and flipped by Robbie. Rony attempted and failed a triangle and Peralta hopped to his feet. Jason gets blasted with two right hands and is backed up but waves Peralta forward. Jason lands body kicks but Robbie lands more leg kicks. Rony lands a clean overhand right then a counter spinning back elbow then fails a flying knee. Peralta then throws two hard punches then eats two more, and the round ends with both landing ridiculous punches and the crowd is loving it.

Round 3: Jason lands a body kick, then Robbie lands a leg kick. Rony partially lands a spinning back high kick, but Robbie wades in with punches not really landing anything. Peralta gets poked in the eye and takes a breather. Break over and Robbie lands a leg kick, Jason with another body kick, Jason fakes a flying knee and lands a mid-air jab. Rony clinches RObbie against the cage and lands knees to the body but is circled by Peralta then ROny scores a quick trip-take down. Robbie lands a hook to the body and Rony throws a left-right combo to Robbie’s dome. Peralta lands an upper-cut, Jason shoots for a take-down and scores it, but Robbie works his way back to his feet quickly only to take Jason down right before the bell of round 3 ends the fight.

Official Decision: Robbie Peralta defeats Rony Jason via split-decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

#9 Demian Maia (18-6) vs Alexander Yakovlev (21-4-1)

Round 1: Fighters circle for the first minute, and Maia lands a left and misses another left. Alexander is circling away a lot, and Demian lands another left, Maia lands a huge left hand and drops Yakovlev and Demian moves easily into mount. Maia reigns hard elbows and punches and moves Alexander against the cage and Maia continues to land huge elbows and dragging his elbow across Yakovlev’s face and the round mercifully ends for Alexander’s sake.

Round 2: Circling for the first minute, Demian takes Alexander down and goes right back into the mount. Yakovlev tries to work out of the position but Demian is smothering, but Alexander finally works to enter Maia’s guard. Yakovlev works for a d’arce choke but fails and works back into Maia’s guard. Alexander lands a few elbows and Demian ties him up for the remainder of the round.

Round 3: Alexander lands a right hook then takes Maia down but stands up immediately, and lands a few leg kicks. Then Yakovlev lands a brutal upper-cut then back to leg kicks. But Maia trips Alexander and goes right into the mount position, and pushes him towards the cage. Demian lands a nasty elbow from the top then lands right hands to the side of Yakovlev’s head, then another big elbow. Maia switches to half guard to side mount back to mount, then stands up only to eat a body shot from Yakovlev to end the fight.

Official Decision: Demian Maia defeats Alexander Yakovlev via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Marcio Alexandre Jr. (12-0) vs Warlley Alves (6-0)

Round 1: Alves comes out fast but doesn’t throw anything, but then lands a monster right and knocks Marcio down. Both fighters get up and Warlley clinches Alexandre against the fence. Alves pushes off and lands a partial left head kick, Marcio lands a quick leg trip but Warlley gets up and lands a take down of his own and enters side mount. Alexandre regains his footing but Alves takes his back standing. Alves releases and stands face to face with Marcio along the cage and lands knees until the referee separates them. Alexandre misses a body kick and Alves takes him down once more. The pair stand up once more and the round ends.

Round 2: Marcio misses a left high kick and Alves takes him down and enters his half guard. Warlley lands hard punches and stands up momentarily until Alves gets back into side guard. They both stand up shortly after and Alves lands a left body kick, and pushes Marcio along the cage. Alves lands a few more kicks and the two tangle up along the fence to end the round.

Round 3: Alves comes out quick and lands a hard right that wobbles Marcio who goes for a take down and Warlley pulls a guillotine that is sunk in deeper than the Titanic and puts Alexandre to sleep calling for the referee to stop the action and Marcio’s bid at the TUF Brazil 3 Title. Warlley Alves is your newest Ultimate Fighter.

Official Decision: Warlley Alves defeats Marcio Alexandre Jr. via submission (Guillotine Choke) at :25 seconds of Round 3

Vitor Miranda (9-3) vs Antonio Carlos Jr. (3-0)

Round 1: Carlos Jr. starts to stalk but Miranda clinches him against the fence but is quickly reversed position wise and eats a knee to the cup. Jr. lands a high kick and circles more,  then presses forward with a body kick, upstairs combo then lands a double leg takedown. The two get back up only to have Carlos Jr. taking Miranda down again. Both get up once more and Antonio lands a nice jab but eats a leg kick. Carlos Jr. lands a nice left-right combo to the face of Miranda and adds a body kick  as well. VItor lands a leg kick, and a light front kick to the body, then Antonio comes back with another left-right and body kick to end the round.

Round 2: Vitor lands a leg kick but it’s caught by Antonio who takes him down and enters Miranda’s half-guard. Then Antonio transitions to mount then to side mount and lands some punches over the top. Carlos Jr. went for a heel hook and failed and Miranda stands up only to jump back into Antonio’s guard. Who throws up a quick triangle but Miranda works out quickly but Antonio takes Vitor’s back. Both fighters stand up and Miranda lands a knee in the clinch and the round ends along the cage.

Round 3: Both fighters land jabs to open up and Antonio catches a leg kick and takes Vitor down. Antonio pressures Miranda against the cage and as Vitor attempts to stand up, Carlos Jr. slams him to the mat once more and enters into side control. Antonio works Miranda on the ground for 2 minutes and as soon as VItor gains his footing, right back down to the mat again. Antonio takes Vitor’s back then seamlessly gets into mount then back to half-guard and the round ends.

Official Decision: Antonio Carlos Jr. defeats Vitor Miranda via unanimous decision (30-27, 30,27, 29-28)

#7 Stipe Miocic (11-1) vs Fabio Maldonado (21-6)

Round 1: Fabio eats a hard left early and Stipe doesn’t take advantages then lands another right and drops Fabio and then Miocic pounces and ends the fight and the brazillian’s win streak on his home soil.

Official Decision: Stipe Miocic defeats Fabio Maldonado via TKO at :35 of Round 1

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