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The Ultimate Fighter 19 Episode 7 Recap


Reeling from last week’s controversial decision, Team Edgar accuses Team Penn of celebrating a win they didn’t deserve.

Dhiego Lima and Eddie Gordon are most critical, saying the behavior was pathetic. Daniel Spohn disagreed. “I can understand to some degree, but when it comes down to a fight, who’s the one that got cut up and went to the hospital? I know it wasn’t Roger (Zapata),” he said.

At Team Edgar’s training session, Frankie Edgar tries to justify the judges’ ruling. Light heavyweight Patrick Walsh-who faces Anton Berzin later- takes this as a sign that his fight can’t go to a decision. Walsh built a strong work ethic working the fishing docks with his father and brother as a 10-year-old. He got into MMA after wresting in high school and college.

Berzin boldly claims he will knock Walsh out. Assistant coach John Hackleman works with Berzin to make it happen, instructing Berzin to take Walsh’s head off. Berzin holds a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu after just six years in the sport. He compares MMA to kinetic chess.

Despite their contempt for one another, the housemates gather to watch a UFC Brazil event. Backhanded comments about the Stephens-Zapata match evolved into a full argument between Gordon and Spohn. “These guys are caged lions. I expected this soon, but I like a little feistiness in both teams,” Team Penn assistant coach Mark Coleman said.

Anton Berzin vs. Patrick Walsh – light heavyweight bout

Round 1- Walsh leads off with a left hook. He tries pushing Berzin to the cage but walks into a body lock instead. Berzin nearly completed a rear-naked choke but Walsh rolls out. Berzin unsuccessfully tries jumping on Walsh’s back but lands a big right knee to his jaw. Berzin moves forward but Walsh surprises him with a clean judo throw. The fighters are up and exchange shots. Walsh’s second attempt at a judo throw doesn’t work out, leaving Berzin an opening. He takes Walsh’s back but can’t do much. Both men appear visibly exhausted as the round ends.

Round 2- Walsh misses with a big left as the fighters hesitantly circle center ring. He catches Berzin’s leg kick and slams the Russian to the mat. Walsh retains half-guard positing through the round, throwing body shots until Berzin escapes and attempts an arm lock. He tries a triangle choke, but Walsh moves back into half guard and punches Berzin until the bell sounds.

Round 3- Berzin feebly lands a right and moves back. Walsh charges Berzin, pushes him to the cage, lands a takedown, and unloads. Berzin is helpless to defend Walsh’s attack. Walsh again takes half-guard, landing head and body shots on his defenseless opponent. All Berzin can do is limit the damage. With 25 seconds left, Berzin tries to stand but is immediately taken down.

Walsh defeats Berzin via unanimous decision.

With the series tied 3-3, coach Edgar selects Gordon and Team Penn’s Mike King to fight next week.

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