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UFC 173 Live Preliminary Results


Follow along here tonight for live round-by-round preliminary card results!  Tonight’s prelims will be topped off with the Ultimate Fighter Live winner from Team Urijah Faber, Michael Chiesa vs Francisco Trinaldo, who is an Ultimate Fighter Brazil Team Wanderlei Silva alum.  Also on tap, we have the Ultimate Fighter season 13 winner from Team Brock Lesnar, Tony Ferguson vs Katsunori Kikuno.  And to keep with the Ultimate Fighter theme, we also have the Ultimate Fighter season 18 winner from Team Miesha Tate, Chris Holdsworth vs Chico Camus, and the Ultimate Fighter Live runner-up from Team Urijah Faber, Al Iaquinta  vs Mitch Clarke.

Also, on UFC Fight Pass we will have Anthony Njokuani vs Vinc Pichel, Sam Sicilia vs Aaron Phillips, and Davis Michaud vs Jingliang Li.


Davis Michaud vs Jingliang Li

Round 1: 

Both guys come out aggressive and do a brief exchange.  A lot of feeling out going on. When Jingliang throws, Michaud answers; when Michaud throws, Jingliang answers. At the 2:20 mark, Jingliand takes Michaud’s back standing, but Michaud breaks at the 2:00 mark. Jingliang takes his back again around 1:40, but couldn’t get the takedown.  But Michaud actually does get a takedown and headlock, but Jingliang rolls over on top and lands some shot.

The first round ends with Jingliang in Michaud’s guard.

Round 2:

Round two begins with a few exchanges from Michaud, but Jingliang stuffs a Michaud takedown. Michaud puts Jingliang against the fence and holds him for a moment, but backs off. Jingliang lands combos here and there, but Michaud get a clinch and lands a knee. Good exchanges between the two. Michaud works for a takedown and gets in sidecontrol, works for Jingliand’s back and almost sinks in a choke, but Jingliang fights it off.

The second round ends with Michaud having Jingliand’s back.

Round 3:

Round 3 starts with combo exchanges. Michaud tries to put Jingliand against the fence, but gets muscled off; however he gets the takedown and into Jingliand’s guard. Michaud is peppering the body and passes to halfguard. Jingliand spins over to his back and Michaud fails to take control and gets taken down. Now Jingliand is on top raining down shots. Michaud is trying to push Jingliand off, but no success. HE FINALLY GETS UP AND PULLS A GUILLOTINE, but Jingliand slips out rains down more punches and passes to side control

Round 3 is over with Jigliand standing over Michaud. We go to the judges cards…

Official Decision: Jingliand Li winner via split decision. (29-28, 30-27, 28-29)

Sam Sicilia vs Aaron Phillips

Round 1:

Fighters meet in the middle. but just circle each other for a while. A lot of feints being thrown by Sicilia to keep Phillips at bay. Sicilia pushes Phillups against the fence and lands some good shots, but Phillups escapes and hurts Sicilia with a body kick. Sicilia gets a takedown at the 2:50 mark and rains down shots and scoring points. Fighters stand up Phillips gets his head kicked blocked and then misses a spinning back heel kick. Phillips hurts Sicilia with knee to the body and goes for a guillotine, but it just ends with Sicilia in the guard and landing strikes.

Round 1 is over with Sicilia taking shots from Phillips in Phillips’ guard.

Round 2

Round 2 begins with Sicilia dropping Phillips with a shot and landing in Phillips guard. Phillips goes from an armbar, but ends up on top after a scramble and then takes Sicilia’s back. Sicilia escapes and then takes Phillips’ back. Phillips rolls over and starting to land shots on Sicilia in half guard. Phillips takes full mount and Sicilia rolls over and Phillips fails to take the back. A lot of scrambling going on in this fight. Now Sicilia takes side control and then takes Phillips’ back. Sicilia tries for a choke but it turns into a neck crank, but no success, and ends up in Phillips’ guard. Phillips tries to push off, but Sicilia is smothering him.

Round 2 ends with Sicilia on top.

Round 3:

Round 3 starts with both guys exchanging, but Sicilia gets the takedown. Phillips tries for an armbar, but fails. Sicilia is dropping a lot of shots onto Phillips’ head and Phillips can’t find a way to escape. Sicilia is getting very comfortable with being on top and scoring point. Phillips’s corner is begging him to escape, but Sicilia isn’t letting up. Phillips keeps throwing his legs up for an armbar, but again unsuccessful. Phillips gets up but Sicilia says “nope” and takes him back down into his world. Phillips gets up again and Sicilia goes for a takedown but gets stuffed and Phillips goes for a guillotine, but Sicilia gets up and time expires.

Official Decision: Sam Sicilia winner via unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Anthony Njokuani vs Vinc Pichel

Round 1:

Round 1 begins with both fighters meeting the middle. Pichel wants to go in but cautious of Njokuani’s long legs. Fight takes a hault as Njokuani is on the receiving end of a eye poke. Doctor says he’s ok, and we’re back with the guys meeting in the middle. Vinc takes a knee to the body going for the takedown, but he picks Njokuani and slams him down. Njokuani walks back up the cage but Pichel is leaning on him heavy making him work. They clinch against the cage but don’t do enough work and ref breaks it up. Back in the middle with the guy throwing and missing. Pichel pushes Njokuani against the cage, but the fight stops again after a knee to the groin from Pichel. Crowd is very unhappy with another stop, but Njokuani recovers and once again we’re back to the action. Pichel is keeping constant pressure and throwing a few kicks. Njokuani once again is back against the cage with Pichel landing knees. The knees are getting close to the groin area again, but fighters break up.

Round 1 ends with both guys exchanging.

Round 2

Round 2 begins with Mike Goldberg calling it the third and final round. Pichel is constantly in Njokuani’s face and misses a head kick and lands on the mat. Njokuani is keeping Pichel away with his reach and going to the body. Njokuani misses a hook and Pichel makes him pay for it by taking his back and slamming him down and landing HEAVY knees to the body from side control. Njokuani is hurt gets up, but gets slammed down again. Back up, but Pichel puts him down a third time. Pichel is constantly all over Njokuani and not giving him any room. They break up and Pichel gets Njokuani with a power double. Pichel gets him in full mount and then takes Njokuani’s back. Fighters are back up, but surprise surprise, Pichel takes him down again and lands some shots to end the round.

Round 3

Round starts with Pichel pushing forward and not giving Njokuani and room to utilize his reach. Both guys are slowing down and not giving much action. Few jabs here and there for Njokuani, but not enough to win him the fight as he needs a stop to win this according to Joe Rogan. Pichel takes him down put they pop back up but go right back down again with Pichel on top. Pichel has his back standing landing knees to the thighs. Once again, the fellas are back down and Pichel is looking for an arm-triangle. He keeps looking for it, but with no avail. Pichel is on top raining down punches. Njokuani rolls over put Pichel has his back.

Final horn blows with Pichel trying for another takedown.

Official Decision: Vinc Pichel winner via unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Al Iaquinta  vs Mitch Clarke

Round 1:

Round 1 starts with the typical meeting in the middle. Both guys are feeling each other out with feints and a few leg kics from Clarke. Iaquinta lands a big right hand and drops Clarke. Iquinta takes control in Clarke’s half guard and ties Clarke’s arm behind his back. Matt Serra can easily be heard screaming at Iquinta telling him to “do what we do in class” in regards to his jiu-jitsu. Iquinta is trying to pass the half-guard, but Clarke has his leg locked down. Iquinta gets up and ends up in Clarke’s guard and landing good shots and hurting him. Back in half-guard and driving his shoulder into Clarke’s jaw. Iquinta ends up back in guard, but doesn’t care. He’s landing huge shots and keeping constant pressure. Now landing hammer fists and Clarke spins over and gets up, but met with a front headlock. He ends up getting taken back down and eats shots raining down by Iquinta.

Round 1 complete!

Round 2:

Round two begins with Clarke trying to get in Iquinta’s face and catches him with a right. A scramble ensues and Iquinta is back on top, but CLARKE ROLLS OUT OF A GUARD PASS AND PULLS OUT A SLICK D’ARCE CHOKE AND PUTS IQUINTA TO SLEEP! FIGHT OVER!

Official Decision: Mitch Clarke winner in round 2 via submission (D’Arce choke)

Chris Holdsworth vs Chico Camus

Round 1:

Round starts with Holdsworth eating a straight right but doesn’t seem phased by it. Both guys are exchanging a shot here and there, but Camus is landing the right hand cleanly. Camus gets clipped after both guys started swinging and falls, but pops right back up. Holdsworth looking for a single to test Camus’ ground game, but Camus won’t go down and showing excellent balance. However, Holdsworth gets the takedown. Holdsworth has full mount, but Camus transitions to butterfly guard. Holdsworth refuses to get swept and ends up in half guard and lands a nice shots from top. Punches and elbows from Holdsworth hoping it’ll make it easier to pass, but the round ends with Holdsworth standing above Camus.

Round 2:

Holdsworth starts with a nice knee to the body. Camus is finding success with that straight right, but Holdsworth isn’t showing that it hurts. Holdsworth has Camus up against the cage and takes him down and ends up in side control. Holdsworth establishes mount and Camus is trapped. Camus gives up his back defending an armbar and almost gets caught with a choke. The ground is an ocean and Holdsworth is a shark. He has an armtriangle, but Camus is defending really well. Holdsworth is lets it go and now raining down strikes. Now he has a body triangle around the waist of Camus and trying to get a choke before the round ends, but settles for scoring some points with strikes as the horn blows.

Round 3

Holdsworth starts with a high kick and both guys are exchanging. Camus is getting the better of the exchanges, but Holdsworth brings Camus back into his world on the ground and starts bringing down elbows. Holdsworth is in Camus’ guard and passes to half-guard. Now he passes to side control and feeding Camus elbows. Camus puts Holdsworth back into half-guard, but Holdsworth is showing off an amazing transition game. Camus is showing Holdsworth his back and Holdsworth takes it happily. Holdsworth now has a body triangle and looking for the choke but spins into mount and looks for the arm triangle. Camus survives, but Holdsworth makes him pay with shots to end the round.

Round 3 is over and we go to the judges score cards.

Official Decision: Chris Holdsworth winner via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Tony Ferguson vs Katsunori Kikuno

Round 1:

Kikuno starts the fight with a very odd stance, but is landing nice shots. Both guys are looking to end this fight early. Kikuno’s stance lets Ferguson land clean shots to the head. Ferguson is finding success with the right hand. Ferguson goes for a rolling leg lock, but fails. However, he rocks Kikuno which has Kikuno running, but he catches him and takes him down. Ferguson now sinks in a D’arce, but lets it go. Both guys are back up, but Kikuno is back down after Ferguson knocks him out with a huge right hook! Fight over!

Official Decision: Tony Ferguson winner in round 1 via KO

Michael Chiesa vs Francisco Trinaldo

Round 1:

Fight starts with Trinaldo circling and both guy throwing feints to see how the other reacts. Trinaldo wants to go in, but Chiesa is keeping away with his reach. Chiesa goes for a takedown but fails, but takes a knee and looks hurt. Goes for another takedown but stuffed and then takes a shot as punishment. Third time is the charm for Chiesa and landing shots on top from the mount. Trinaldo is trapped underneath and can’t escape. Chiesa is throwing punches and elbows in punches and Trinaldo is helpless. Fight could’ve been stopped a few times, but Herb Dean let it continue and now the round is over.

Round 2:

Trinaldo starts off with a nice shot, but Chiesa shrugs it off. It’s obvious that Chiesa would like to go back to the ground, but can’t find an opening. Chiesa wanted the take down, but Trinaldo jumped a guillotine, but was unsuccessful. Now Chiesa is the guard, but Trinaldo rolled to a leg lock and transitioning to a heel hook, but fails. Chiesa has side control and looking for a guillotine, but backs off. Chiesa is now feeding him elbows from the side, Trinaldo tries to escape, but not happening.

Round over with Chiesa on top feeding Trinaldo more elbows.

Round 3:

Trinaldo starts round 3 off with pressure and accidentally knees Chiesa in the groin. We’re back to action and Chiesa is keeping Trinaldo away with range once again and lands a nice takedown into Trinaldo’s guard. Trinaldo is holding on in hopes of a stand up, but Chiesa breaks away landing shots and scoring points. Trinaldo is elbowing from the bottom, but Chiesa is answering with elbows and punches of his own. Trinaldo goes back to holding on, but Chiesa is all over him. Trinaldo goes from and armbar and might have it! He gives up on it and we’re back to guard action with Chiesa landing more on top than Trinaldo is from the bottom, and that’s how the round will end.

Official Decision: Chiesa winner by unanimous decision (30-26 x2, 30-27)


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