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Emanuel Newton; “I’d Fight Rampage.”

Photo Courtesy of Emmanuel Newton's twitter.

After the monumental PPV offering of Bellator 120, and the finale of the grudge match between Rampage and King Mo ended for the time being. One man looked on as his next opponent was decided in the main event, that man was Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion, Emanuel Newton (23-7-1).

It was either to fight King Mo for a third time after winning the 2 previous affairs or to face off against former training partner and friend Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

In a razor close, back and fourth battle the latter occurred and Rampage walked away the victor in his hometown of Memphis and secured an opportunity at Newtons’ 205 pound strap.

The fight itself went how Emanuel thought it would.

“It kind of happened how I expected it, I thought Rampage would catch him (King Mo) in a later round, but Mo was moving his head good. I thought for sure in the 3rd round that Page would’ve caught him but like I said Mo had great head movement and he fought smart utilizing his takedowns.”

King Mo lost via unanimous decision and wasn’t happy with the outcome. Polling fans in attendance and media who they thought actually won, but Newton sided with the ringside judges on his opinion of the decision.

“After watching the fight and basing it on damage and pressure I’d give the fight to Rampage, but it was one of those fights that definitely could’ve gone either way so a rematch between the two would make sense.”

However barring slight rumors that a match-up between former training partners Newton and Jackson won’t happen, it seems like, based on the tournament format of Bellator that they will, and even though they’re friends, Emanuel is fine with the situation.

“Yes I’d fight him (Rampage), he knows I’m a bad match-up for him, and he knows he’s a bad match-up for me. One punch from him could put most people out, but I’ve never been taken out. I’ve known Jackson since the beginning of my MMA career when I was 21, we always had a close relationship and him and coach Antonio Mckee were close as well. He’s a good training partner and a great brother in the faith as we are both God loving men and have a strong Christian background together. It all boils down to if the money is right and the placement of the event is right.”

Bellator mastermind and CEO/ Promoter Bjorn Rebney had been quoted saying he wouldn’t push the fight between friends and if it doesn’t happen Newton does have someone else in mind.

“Me and Tito would make sense, he could pull the pay-per-view and make that work. He’s the only other guy currently that would make sense to fight for the belt, and that’s just addressing the fallout of this last PPV and seeing where everything lands.”

No matter who it is Newton is confident in his abilities and is ready and willing to face all opposition.

“Whoever they put in front of me is who I’ll fight, I’m the champ so I can sit back and I don’t have to call anybody out. Shlemenko called people out and learned the hard way. It’s up to the fans, Spike and Bellator and it could be Tito or Rampage but it really doesn’t matter. I’m the best and I’m at the top of my game and I won’t be stopped. My heavenly father has shown me that this is my time and the better my walk with him goes then the better I’ll be, and I’m the best at what I do now.”

Newton has shown it is in fact “his time” as he has posted a 6-1 record in the Bellator Light Heavyweight division and has avenged his only promotion loss coming against former champion Attila Vegh, winning via split decision at Bellator 113.