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Tom DeBlass Calls Out Tito Ortiz

(Image Courtesy via UFC.com/Getty Images)

This weekend Tito Ortiz(17-11) returned to the cage in dramatic fashion against Alexander Shlemenko defeating him via arm triangle in the first round and silencing his doubters in the process.

After his win he said “When I go home and I take care of my kids and I train my ass off, I’m a dangerous person, and I’ll kick any one of these light heavyweight’s asses. ‘Rampage,’ that includes you, too.” He also stated in the Press Conference post fight “I have 3 more fights with Bellator and I’d like to retire the champ.”

Another former UFC fighter and current Bellator Light Heavyweight , Tom DeBlass, had something to say about that reporting to Scifighting, “ I fear nothing about him” .
After winning seven straight fights DeBlass was signed for a brief period by the UFC, after that DeBlass then announced his retirement from MMA stating he wanted to concentrate on his academy, Ocean County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is also one of the most accomplished Bjj in practitioners in the world in his weight class as wellas a 1st Degree Black Belt student of Ricardo Almeida and a 3rd Degree Black Belt under Renzo Gracie. He has won the Black Belt Adult Pan American Ultra Heavy Champion and Black Belt Adult World Championship No-Gi Bronze Medal among his many achievements.

DeBlass returned from retirement and made his Bellator debut against Carlos Brooks winning by TKO. DeBlass then fought fellow UFC veteran Jason Lambert and won via knockout in the first round.

Tom acknowledges that Ortiz has more fight experience, weight and height advantage stating “I haven’t been fighting MMA very long but Ive been competing in Jiu-Jitsu for 13 years and I respect the time Tito has put in. That being said I think his mind is weak. I believe in myself. You know Tito has a ton more experience than me, 3 inches taller, and would probably be 15lbs heavier by fight time. I just am not scared to fight anyone”.

DeBlass reports he is trying to make this fight happen because he wants to fight the best in his division, and even facebook and twitter posts have been made in support of DeBlass trying to make this fight happen. Deblass also reported to Scifighting that while he respects Ortiz, Ortiz has challenged him to a street fight on twitter, later deleting the comments.