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Bellator 120 Press Conference Results; King Mo and Rampage Continue Drama


Bellator 120 seems as of now was a great success, it played host to massive upsets, wars of attrition and set the stage for an abundance of rematches.

The Press conference got Bellator CEO’s reaction to the fights as well as comments from the fighters themselves.

“Tonight fulfilled alot of dreams in my head, alot of the reasons I got into this fight game, in this business were hat happened tonight.” says Bjorn on Bellator’s first ever PPV offering.

The opening bout on the PPV portion undefeated Brit Michael Page (6-0) did his best impression of an MMA version of a young Roy Jones Jr., by playing to the crowd and absoulutely embarrasing his opponent Rickey Rainey (9-3) and knocking him out at 4:31 of the first round in the process.

“Rainey is a wickedly talented athlete and you’ll see him again, but Page is just a different kind of animal.” Bjorn said on the bout.

Rainey opened with, “I’ll happily take an ass whoopin’, he’s a great fighter and he swagged out on me.”

Page added, “I’m glad I got the win, I want people to know that this is my style. I’m not going to change and I don’t mean disrespect by it in my fights. If you go back and watch my kickboxing fights I have fought this way for ages. It’s called showboating because it means you put on a show.”

The second matchup had Alexander Volkov (21-4) win take the Season 10 Bellator Heavyweight tournament, $100,000 and the 0 in the loss column all from Blagoi Ivanov (11-1) by rear naked choke just a minute into round 2.

“I don’t have much to say, I made a big mistake and I paid for it, I will meet him again.” said the quiet Bulgarian Blagoi of his performance.

The return of Tito Ortiz (17-11-1) far from dissapointed.

The punishment athletics powerhouse made his critics and Vegas betting odds bite their tongue, when he choked Bellator Middleweight Champion, Alexander Shelmenko (50-8) unconscious via arm-triangle choke just under 2 and a half minutes into the opening frame.

“The odds have gone from 4-1, 5-1 to 6-1. It was a huge question of strength, he’s (Tito) has been training uninterrupted with no back or neck issues, now I have to sit with Tito to con him into taking a run at a 205 pound tournament.” says Bjorn of the Huntington Beach Bad Boy’s return to the cage.

Shlemenko wasn’t very vocal, “I have nothing to say, I’m sorry I looked so poor in this fight.”

Tito on the other hand was elated.

“People say when something can’t be done then you should stop believing. I’ve had five major surgeries and I’m still here. This fight was won before Alexander called me out. I was in the same situation with Ryan Bader. I’m inspired to inspire others but I can kick any light heavyweight in Bellator’s ass, Rampage that means even you.”

Then when asked what he (Tito) would like to accomplish next, he responded, “I have 3 more fights with Bellator and I’d like to retire the champ.”

The Co-Main event had WIll Brooks (14-1) take a short notice fight and the Interim Lightweight title from the favored Michael Chandler (12-2) in an absolute war that I personally scored a draw but officially the bout was scored (48-47) all across the board.

Rebney commented first, “They said this will be a wipeout, I said no it won’t, I said he can do what Chandler does, this guy (Brooks) won a tournament. He’s legit and I heard after he won that people thinks it’s bad for Bellator that he did, no because now we have 3 top guys in the world over two. Literally after hearing about the fight beforehand, Will texted me saying 30, and I had no idea what he was talking about. 30 was his waist size, he told me to get the belt ready.”

Mikey added, “It was a great night of fights and I’ll be back. Life is short and win or lose I appreciate the fans as always and I know my wife and family loves me.”

Brooks followed with, “To be honest I forgot it was for the belt midway through. It was amazing being able to go to war with him and now I’m sitting here looking at this belt and it feels like a dream.”

Then finally in the Main Event in what was billed as “MMA’s Biggest Grudge Match” Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (35-11) out boxed Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal (12-4) in a match that felt like we will be treated to a rematch in the future.

Bjorn had this to say on the night capping Light Heavyweight Finals matchup, “I couldn’t hsve asked for more from Page and Mo promotionally and to back it all up, all the smashing, throwing, pushing and swearing and they did. Mo is still an insanely talented fighter and for Rampage the knes are back and the takedowns are stuffed just like he used to.”

Mo got right to the point, “Yall saw what happend, he, not even me asked for a rematch.”

Quinton responded, “I only said I wanted a rematch because I didn’t knock you out.”

“You know you got beat.” Mo fired back.

“You didn’t want to fight you wanted to hump, I wanted to fight.” says Jackson.

“It’s called MMA, I was wrestling and you knew I beat you, I saw people leaving before the decision be announced because they knew that I had the fight won.”

Rampage said, “You won the first, I won the second and the 3rd was close but just look at your face, go put some steak on your face Mo.”

“I’m down for a rematch either here or Fedex Forum, it really doesn’t matter. I wanted to outwrestle but I didn’t and when he took me down he didn’t really beat on me… that’s why I won.” adds Jackson.

Now Rampage will receive a title shot against a training partner in Emmanuel Newton.

“We share the same coach, Antonion Mckee, I don’t know what is going to happen, we are kind of like family so I don’t know how it will work, it’s going to be weird.”

Bjorn sees a silver lining before the press conference closed, “These are the problems you want to have, you look to build the depth in a promotion to have optionaility.”