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Biggest Grudge Match in MMA Ends via Decision in Favor of Rampage Jackson

Photo courtesy of Bellator.com

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs Muhammad Lawal “King Mo” fight has been dubbed the biggest grudge match in MMA. The two can not even be in a room together without a shoving match shortly. The talking ended tonight in the Main Event of the evening with this Light Heavy Weight Title fight.

Round one begins with King Mo taking down Rampage immediately. King Mo guard passes and rampage gets back to his feet. King Mo takes Rampage down again. Rampage attempts to get up and King Mo stays on top throwing knees to Rampage Jacksons thighs. Rampage attempts to get up on the cage and King mo takes him down a third time. Rampage gets back on his feet with 90 seconds remaining in the round. Rampage Jackson swings and misses. King Mo body kick and the round closes with no action standing up.

Round Two: The second round begins with a left hook by Rampage. Both fighters look to be getting more comfortable in the cage.Rampage lands the short hooks and King Mo is hurt. King Mo attempts a take down but Rampage defends. King Mos left eye is bleeding. King mo gets Rampages back and makes work of rampages thighs with his knees. It becomes apparent in this round that its a ground match for King mo and a stand up game for Rampage.King Mo does land a leaping hook and does some damage to Rampage but nothing compared to his eye. Rampage lands a huge uppercut to end round number two.

Round Three: King Mo attempts a take down and both fighters throw punches on the inside. Rampage lands a left hook King Mo attempts a take down and knees Rampage. King Mo gets a take down. King Mo takes Rampage Jackson back and he explodes back to his feet. Rampage attacks King Mo, and King Mo shoots. In the final minute of the round, the two are separated by the referee which works towards Rampages advantage. Both Fighters exchange fists.King Mo doesn’t want any more of Rampages hands and is successful in using his head movement to his advantage at the end of the fight.

The biggest Grudge match in MMA ends with both fighters not only slinging fists but slinging words.

After three action packaged rounds Rampage Jackson takes the decision.