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Outstanding Exchange Ends with Brooks Defeating Chandler Via Split Desicion Bellator 120.

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Will Brooks VS Micheal Chandler for Bellators Interim Lightweight World Title starts with Chandler taking Brooks down. Chandler stays tight on top as Brooks stays in butterfly guard. Brooks keeps chandler close and explodes to his feet. Brooks lands a wide variety of strikes and a knee. Chandler takes brooks to the cage and takes Brooks down. Brooks continues to keep in close to avoid ground and pound. Chandler lands short elbos in the final seconds of round one.

Round Two: The Second round begins with an exchange as chandler looks for another take down. Brooks separates and lands a head kick. Chandler recovers with a another take down. Chandler lands shots to both body and head. Brooks comes out the back and takes down Chandler. Brooks gets a hook in and has both hooks in. Chandler recovers and gets back up on top. Chandler uses his head pivot effectually. Chandler ends the round on top.

Round Three: The third round begins with Brooks coming forward. Brooks sprawls Brooks lands a lot of shots and both fighters show their athleticism in ground games. Brooks get both hooks in and gets Chandlers back. Brooks body triangles Chandler> brooks takes big shoots on chandler and gets into full mount. Brooks lands huge ground and pound shots causing a cut on Chandler. Brooks in full mount and short elbows. Chandler powers out and brooks follows him and tries to takes Chandlers back. Chandler gets up and Brooks lands two head kicks. Chandler looks at the clock and gives up his back again. Brooks gets him in a body triangle and continues to land shoots on Chandler. Huge round for Will Brooks

Round Four: Brooks immediately lands a kick, Chandler obviously hurt. Brooks Takes down Chandler. Chandler gives him the back. He gets both hooks in and gives up position. Brooks is taking advantage of the cut above Chandlers eye. Chandler explodes and takes mount. Chandler tries to ground and pound. The ref calls for action, Chandler looks gassed, but staying aggressive. The ref stands them up. Brooks lands more shoots. Chandler attempts a take down. Brooks throws and illegal knee and Chandler gets a couple second break. Great sportsmanship by both fighters returning. Brooks land another head kick and gets chandlers back. Both hooks in on Brooks again. He cranks the Rear Naked Choke but doesn’t get control and goes back to the body triangle ending the fourth round.

Fifth Round: Entering the final round began with Brooks pushing the pace. Chandler drives into Brooks, but doesn’t get the take-down. Both fighters get back to their feet. Brooks gets chandler on the cage, Chandlers explodes. Brooks takes down Chandler and gets his back, Chandler defends. Brooks lands shoots from the bottom. Brooks stands up against the cage. Chandler comes forward and lands big shots against Brooks lands on top and tries to finish him in the closing seconds of the fight. Chandler has full mount with only ten seconds left. The round ends with Chandler on top.

After 25 exciting minutes the fight ends, both fighters showed versatility and endurance. It all came down to the fifth round decision.

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