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Bellator 120 Preliminary Card Results


Before the first ever Bellator PPV can kick off, spiketv.com and Spike TV will showcase 9 preliminary bouts for Bellator fans, culminating to the main event of the Prelims when former UFC Heavyweight Cheick Kongo (20-9-2) meets Eric Smith (7-1).

Spike.com Pre-lims

Bantamweight; Cortez Phelia (1-0) v.s. Brian Hall (7-2)

Summary: Brian absolutely mauled Phelia by utilizing intensely brutal ground and pound for the entirety of the opening frame and in multiple cases the fight looked close to being finished in round 1. Cortez reversed his fortunes in the second round and was able to take Hall down and attempted an arm bar then transitioned into a triangle but Hall was able to escape both. Hall secured top position but was flipped along the cage by Phelia only to scramble back into top position once more then the round ended with both men standing. Right off the bat Hall comes out and lands a hard right to drop Phelia, Brian quickly capitalized and landed hammer fists until the ref halted the action.

Official Decision: Brian Hall defeats Cortez Phelia via TKO at :24 seconds into Round 3

Welterweight; Anthony Lemon (2-3) v.s. Cody Shuffield (4-0)

Summary: Both fighters come out swinging wildly in an entertaining brawl with looping hooks and knees in close from both men. Both men spent a ton of energy to gain the upper hand. Cody started controlling alongside the cage then secured a takedown and once Lemon was up again, Cody took him down once more. The round ended with both men on their feet. Cody came out to begin the second round and took Anthony down right away then worked and gained side mount, shortly after he took Lemon’s back. Shuffield then took full mount briefly before taking the back of Anthony again and sunk in a rear naked choke to end the fight.

Official Decision: Cody Shuffield defeats Anthony Lemon via submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:15 of Round 2

Welterweight; Ben Brewer (3-0) v.s. Andy Ulrich (8-4)

Summary: Ulrich utilized top game for most of round 1, coming close to sinking multiple chokes, however at the end Ben was able to regain his feet and nearly stole the round by landing a barrage of strikes against the cage. Andy starts round 2 by pressuring Ben along the cage and securing another takedown but both fighters bounce up and Brewer is able to land a left-right combination and follows up with more rights and lefts with an inside elbow or two and knocked Ulrich out cold on his knees in the 2nd round.

Official Decision: Ben Brewer defeats Andy Ulrich via knockout at 2:41 of Round 2

Heavyweight; Justin Frazier (6-1) v.s. Mike Wessel (13-7)

Summary: Both come out swinging with intent to end and Mike is able to back Justin up against the cage but Frazier reverses and presses Wessel. Mike powers the position back in his favor and the fighters separate and Mike uses a variety of kicks on Justin then takes him down once again. Wessel gains side control and lands at least 20 shots in a row to end the fight with 30 seconds to spare in round 1.

Official Decision: Mike Wessel defeats Justin Frazier via TKO at 4;30 of Round 1

Lightweight; Zach Underwood (12-5) v.s. Austin Lyons (10-3)

Summary: Both land hard punches early on, Austin gives the better of the exchanges using jabs and uppercuts and even took Underwood down, not for long though but Zach eats a hard uppercut to end the round. In the second round Lyons pressures more and throws more than Zach and lands good shots throughout the round. Austin lands a hard knee to the head of Underwood and Zach is visibly hurt, Austin continues to stalk Zach around the cage till round 2 ends. Austin opens the 3rd with a hard right and wobbles Underwood backward but Zach attempts a take down but is reversed and Lyons takes his back. Fighters returned tot heir feet and Zach failed yet another takedown attempt and Austin took his back once more. Underwood tries to get up and is hit with hard rights from Austin that dropped him, then Lyons landed a hard illegal knee that forced the ref to call timeout.

Official Decision: Austin Lyons defeats Zach Underwood by unanimous decsion (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)


Spike TV Pre-Lims

Featherweight; Mike Richman (16-4) v.s. Goiti Yamauchi (16-2)

Summary: Richman got drilled in the cup and looked like he showed signs of almost vomitting and took a long time to recover in the opening frame, but rebounded briefly with wrestling. In the 2nd round Yamauchi used leg kicks to keep Mike at bay but Mike used body kicks as his natural response. Mike attempted a few take downs but to no avail and they circled more to close out the second round. Mike finally gets a takedown on Goiti and lands some nice elbows and ground and pound on top, but after awhile the ref stood the fighters up and they trade body kicks till the final bell of round 3 rings.

Official Decision: Goiti Yamauchi defeats Mike Richman via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Featherweight; Shahbulat Shamhalaev (12-2-1) v.s. Fabricio Guirreiro (19-3)

Summary: Both circle each other and land light shots throughout the majority of the round, Fabricio landed nice kicks and a high side kick then took the fight to the ground where Guirreiro mercilessly attacked Shahbulat’s arm. Fabricio grabbed the limb and extended it for a straight armbar then contorted it into a kimura forcing the tap.

Official Decision: Fabricio Guirreiro defeats Shahbulat Shamhalaev via submission (Kimura) at 3:29 of the 1st round.

Lightweight; Marcin Held (18-3) v.s. Nate Jolly (13-5)

Summary: Fast and furious from the start, Marcin lands a wicked knee and wobbles Jolly but when he opens up to look to finish, Nate lands a hard counter right that drops Held. Marcin got back up and pressured Jolly on the fence then took him down and immediately took his back. Marcin landed small rights from the back to soften Jolly up then kept covering him like a blanket on the ground. Nate explodes out and lands heavy bombs while Held is on his back, Jolly is throwing heavy bombs but Held holds onto an arm and in lightening fashion taps Nate out to an armbar.

Official Decision: Marcin Held defeated Nate Jolly via submission (armbar) at 4:20 of the first round.


Heavyweight; Cheick Kongo (20-9-2) v.s. Eric Smith (7-1)

Summary: Eric landed some quick small hooks early but Kongo kept Smith away with his long legs. Smith then pushed Kongo against the cage, then Kongo peels off and eats some heavy shots but answered with thunderous blows of his own. Then Eric picks Cheick up and slams in to the mat and the arena comes alive. Kongo stands up and starts to walk Eric down with kicks and punches and lands heavy blows while backing Smith against the cage until the bell rings to end round 1. Kongo starts round two by pushing Eric into the cage, then taking him down. Cheick starts to rain punches down in side control, Eric tried to get up but ate a knee to the gut to bring him back to the mat. They both stand and Kongo lands a knee to the head and plenty of uppercuts prompting the ref to step in and end the fight.

Official Decision: Cheick Kongo defeats Eric Smith via TKO at 4;35 in Round 2.