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The Ultimate Fighter 19 Episode 5 Recap


Reeling from their first loss, Team Penn gathers at TUF gym and decided not to press as much during training. B.J. Penn says Williams ran out of steam late in last week’s fighting because he exerted too much energy beforehand.

Penn gives his team the night off, which they use to celebrate Halloween. Mike King and Josh Clark take dressing up to another level; King dresses up like a woman and Clarke dawns a maid uniform to the shock of the housemates.

The following morning, coach Frankie Edgar takes his team on a hike to the dismay of those expecting an off-day. The perturbed fighters finish their hike but manage little rest before heading to practice.

Clark -who battles Corey Anderson this week- reflects on the 10-hour-a-day job he left in hopes of winning a UFC contract. Clark credits a gym membership he won for introducing him to mixed martial arts and boxing, the latter a self-proclaimed strength.

Team Penn coaches question Clark’s confidence and focus on boosting his intensity. Given Anderson’s extensive wrestling background, a majority of Clark’s training session is spent on the ground.

Anderson has fought professionally for only seven months but carries an air of confidence. Edgar gloats about Anderson’s progress but admits he still has a long way to go. If Anderson gets Clark on his back, Edgar says, it will be his fight for the taking.

Josh Clark vs. Corey Anderson – light heavyweight bout

Round 1- Clark fires away early on. His numerous jabs and overhands aren’t connecting as Anderson patiently waits for an opening. He briefly takes Clark down before Anderson presses him against the cage. Clark goes on the offensive. He misses with an overhand but lands an uppercut. Still, Anderson advances and eats a hard cross. Anderson is taking repeated shots before he lands a second takedown. This time he doesn’t let Clark up so easily. Clark transitions into a leg lock but can’t hold it. The fighters get to their feet but Anderson immediately scores another takedown. He mounts Clark as the round ends.

Round 2- Undeterred by Clark’s knee to the body, Anderson lands another takedown. The fighters are in a stalemate on the ground, forcing the ref to stand them up. Clark rushed in with an uppercut but stumbles on a leg kick. Anderson pounces on top of Clark. Clark tries for another leg lock but ends up giving up his back instead. Anderson secured full mount and pounds away as the final bell sounds.
Anderson defeats Clark via unanimous decision.

Team Edgar earns a second consecutive win and ties the season series 2-2. Edgar selects middleweights Ian Stephens and Roger Zapata to compete in next week’s tie-breaking match.
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