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Tito Ortiz: “I See The Referee Pulling Me Off Of Him (Shlemenko) After an Elbow Through His Lifeless Face.”

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This Saturday night on Pay-Per-View the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy”  and living MMA legend of the sport, Tito Ortiz (16-11-1) returns from almost a 2 year retirement.

Tito Ortiz was set to return late last year to headline the first Bellator PPV and face off against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson but an injury forced him out of the affair and the whole card was scrapped.

That was then, this is now, and now the general public awaits Bellator 120 and its’ co-main event offering that pits Ortiz against the Bellator Middleweight Champion, Alexander Shelemenko (50-7).

The odds might be stacked but the critics should wait before they pass judgement against the former UFC Middleweight champion Ortiz, because when his mind is right, and his training is right while being back into a corner, somebody normally gets choked or pounded out.

More often than not it’s his opponent.

“My training has been going really, really good.” says Tito, “My mind is right and all I do is want to fight, and just compete, I’ll have 15 minutes ahead of me in this until I get my hands raised. The critics might be right in them saying my best days are behind me, but it’ll be my job to prove them wrong. If I can take out this world champion then I may have a lot of good days ahead, I’ve only had good days in training.”

Some people feel if Tito loses this could be his last fight.

“I’m not going to lose, not even my mindset right now, I’ve put in too many hours and I’ve been training 6 days out of the week. This includes hard sparring everyday keeping me prepared for 15 minutes of hell. They say if you’re willing to die for something then you’re ready.”

But when he does feel it’s time to put his gloves up he wants to be mainly remembered for one thing.

“Integrity is the legacy I want to leave with the sport. I want to be remembered as a person that worked really hard and never stepped on anybody. Just a person that did things my way to bring the sport to where it is today.”

Tito will enjoy a 3 inch height and reach advantage and he’s a natural 205 pounder in this fight whereas Alexander will have to come up in weight for the fight.

A fight that Shlemenko called out and demanded.

“Tito Ortiz: You say you want to fight May 17 on Bellator’s pay-per-view. I will fight you. I will beat you, Tito, I respect you. But I must beat you because I’m champion.” said Shlemenko via YouTube.

Tito saw and obviously accepted, “I’ll utilize every advantage I have, wrestling, boxing, reach and weight. He’s the champion and he called me out? Big mistake on his part, I’m going to chop him up. This Saturday night at around 8:45 there will be a bloody mess inside the Bellator cage.”

Classic Tito is set to make a nostalgic return and hoist himself as the king of the jungle at the expense of the Middleweight Champ.

“Fans will see alot of signature TIto aspects like wrestling, ground and pound and maybe a choke. I’m excited to be able to compete, he’s never fought anybody like me. His weaknesses are my strengths. I’m going to come in hungry and ferocious and I’m going to maul this little kid. I’m like a lion that hasn’t eaten in days and sees a gazelle trotting along by. This guy they say (Alexander) has crazy cardio and is fast, but what can he do when an iron sheet is covering his every move? I’m going to treat him like a legitimate wrag doll.”

This return of the Tito of old sees the fight ending in a violent manner.

“I see the referee ripping me off of him whether he’s choked unconscious or he’s left in a pool of his own blood with my elbow through his lifeless face. Fans will be entertained for sure, then my hand will be raised.”

Fans will not want to miss Bellator 120 this weekend coming to cable or satellite by way of Pay-Per-View, also to keep involved with all Tito Ortiz’s everyday life and training updates as well as future important announcements follow him on Twitter at @TitoOrtiz.