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Bellator 119 Main Card Results; “The Weasel” Taps Green, Wins Season 10 Featherweight Tournament

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The Bellator 119 Main Card will grant one skilled featherweight a check for $100,000 and a future shot at the 145 pound Bellator strap.


Raphael Butler (8-0) vs Nick Rossbourough (23-18)

Round 1: Nick lands a left leg kick but eats a hard right by Raphael and Nick throws missing hooks to answer, Butler then takes Nick down and unleashes hard ground and pound, Butler sets up in half guard trapping Rossbourough against the cage and landing nasty elbows. Nick lands two jabs and nails Butler with a hard left hand that drops him, Nick takes his back with both hooks in but Raphael fights to keep the choke from happening. Butler lands a headbutt to the jaw of Rossbourough and Nick has to take a break from the action and the ref takes a point from Raphael. Butler takes Nick down early but both get back up then Rossbourough drops a bomb of a right that rocks Butler yet again and Raphael just swings for the fences and lands two hard uppercuts to end an action packed round.

Round 2: Butler gets on top early and lands punches and elbows on the ground against the cage and the fighters remain here for the opening 2 minutes of the round. Butler works for a kimura and loses wrist control and turns into north-south position and Raphael starts punching from his position. Butler is just smothering Nick here and just exhausts Rossbourough on the ground until they are stood up, Nick is breathing heavy and Butler lands a quick punch to end the round.

Round 3: Nick misses a hard over hand right and falls due to a low gas tank and Butler takes his back and Rapheal starts throwing leather to the side of Rossbourough’s head. Butler is now basically laying on top of Nick now not doing a whole lot, then he easily passes to side mount. The crowd is booing heavily now, they roll around in slow motion and Rapheal gets back into side mount. Then Butler verbally says “He ain’t moving” even though Rapheal isn’t doing a lot of moving either. Butler continues to land small punches and the bell of Round 3 ends the fight.

Official Result: Nick Rossbourough fights Raphael Butler to a Majority Draw (28-27, 28-28, 28-28)

Marius Zaromskis (19-8) vs Vaughn Anderson (16-2)

Round 1: Vaughn throws a left body kick, but eats a 1-2 from Marius, and Zaromskis follows up with a straight left hand to the cranium of Anderson. Vaughn swings a hard left hand and misses and eats another straight left from Marius but then lands a hard left that wobbled Zaromskis, but Vaughn misses a wild headkick only to land a hard body kick. Marius misses a head kick, and drops Vaughn with a hard body shot. Marius waves Anderson back up and Zaromskis lands a body kick as the bell sounds.

Round 2: Marius lands a quick right jab and circles out, then a hard right hook, but eats an outside leg kick from Anderson. Vaughn lands another outside leg kick and another, Marius answers with a kick to the cup which causes the ref to call time. Zaromskis comes out and lands a leg kick, then lands a flying knee, followed by a left jab. Then a right jab finds home for Marius, and he lands a leg kick, but eats a jab from Vaughn. Marius lands another leg kick and Anderson shows the pain on his face, he lands another low kick, then slaps Anderson’s face with Zaromskis foot from a highkick. Vaughn tries a take down but is denied, and eats another leg kick, Marius throws wildly to end the round.

Round 3: Marius lands a light headkick and another leg kick follows, Vaughn attempts a weak takedown and fails, Zaromskis misses a high kick but lands another leg kick. Marius smells blood and lands two straight leg kicks, and another, then a 1-2 punch followed by another leg kick. Then a punch to his leg, Marius lands a jab, inside knee then just misses a spinning back fist. Marius then takes Anderson down and pounds him until the end of the round.

Official Result: Marius Zaromskis defeats Anderson Vaughn via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Eric Wisely (22-8) vs John Alessio (34-17)

Round 1: Wisely comes out with a lot of movement and lands a leg kick 50 seconds in but Alessio takes him down and lands some punches on the ground. John pushes Eric against the cage on the ground and Wisely is now visibly cut above the right brow. Alessio postures up and lands hard nasty side elbows into the cut, John continues the pressure but paces himself, and buries his forearms into Wisely’s brow. John maintains his dominance until round 1 ends.

Round 2: Wisely comes out again with alot of movement, a stat shows that John has landed 9 power strikes to zilch from Eric. Alessio partially lands a headkick, and Wisely misses a high kick, wisely lands a left hook with a lot of circling between the combatants. Wisely can’t seem to get inside of Alessio, John lands a left thigh kick and a right leg kick, Alessio misses a front kick, wisely partially lands and over hand left. Eric lands a right leg kick, but eats a left hand from John and that ends round 2.

Round 3: Alessio works for a solid minute for a takedown and finally accomplishes it and enters Wisely’s closed guard. John lands short elbows and punches and has completly neutralized Eric this entire fight thus far. Alessio makes a move to Wisely’s half guard but is denied. John now starts punching Eric’s thigh and starts hammering punches to the side of Wisely’s dome, and rakes an elbow across Eric’s face. John postures up and rains more blows both rights and lefts to end the fight.

Official Result: John Alessio defeats Eric Wisely via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Des Green (11-2) vs Daniel Weichel (33-8)

Round 1: Weichel lands a left leg kick, and the fighters circle, Des lands a punch to the body, and Daniel miss a low kick. Green goes for a takedown but is denied, Weichel lands a right hand over the top,and then a counter right to answer missed Desmond punches. Weichel then lands another right that momentarily wobbles Green. Daniel tries a takedown but eats two rights before he gives up on it, a left hook from Green backs up Weichel. Daniel lands a right, but Des drives for a takedown, gets it but both fighters regain their footing fast, Des takes the back of Weichel standing and lands knees to the back of Daniel’s calves and thighs.

Round 2: Daniel comes out quickly and wobbles Green with the right hand then drops Des with a left hook, Green resorts to wrestling and regains top position before both fighters get back standing and Weichel feints a kick then lands another hard right to floor Desmond. Green grabs Daniel’s leg and Weichel starts working for the rear naked choke and sinks the hooks and the $100,000 Bellator Season 10 Featherweight Tournament check as Green taps out.


Official Result: Daniel Weichel defeats Desmond Green via submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:07 of Round 2

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