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Bellator 119 Prelim Results; Featuring the Replay of the Walk Off Flying Knee Knockout


Bellator 119 Prelims will be updated round by round here so stay here to keep up with every punch thrown and every kick attempted.


Malcolm Gordon (4-0) vs. Chris Kelades (6-0)

Round 1: Gordon comes out and lands a nice jab to start things off but Chris bullies him back for a takedown attempt. Malcolm trip takes down Kelades but ends up on bottom, letting Chris knee the body of Gordon. Malcolm reverses out and sweeps to take the top position in Chris’s guard. Kelades scrambles to his feet and works for a takedown, Gordon however secures another take down and starts to land ground and pound, but Chris grabs a leg and tries to finish with a leg lock but instead eats more heavy leather from Malcolm. Chris fights out to stand up and pressures Gordon along the fence but starts to eat alot of elbows standing to the side of his head to end the round.

Round 2: Gordon takes Chris down but they both don’t have a dominant position and remain on each other’s side. They fight their way to their feet, Chris breaks away and they both throw front kicks. until Malcolm lands an easy takedown. Gordon looks to smother and Chris is just clinging to him, Malcolm lands small shots to Chris’s side, then the fighters reach their feet and Chris lands a lead elbow gets a muay thai plumb for a bit but eats a hard right from Gordon as an answer. Then Malcolm takes Kelades down again. Gordon takes Chris’s back and almost sinks in a choke to end round 2.

Round 3: Kelades opens the final frame with a leg kick and a jab and the two exchange blows, until Chris shoots and scores a take down and presses Malcolm along the fence on the ground. Gordon uses an outside trip to gain top control, then Kelades reverses and works toward the mount. Malcolm retreats out then goads Chris in for a hard triangle attempt but is unable to secure and the fight ends.

Official Result: Malcolm Gordon defeats Chris Kelades via unanimous decision ( 29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

(159 lbs) Jason Meisel (4-3) vs. Remy Bussieres (3-0)

Round 1: Remy drives Jason towards the cage quickly but is reveresed and taken down where he works toward a gulliotine but Meisel pops out, and takes Remy’s back standing but BUssieres gets out and works again for a guillotine. They stand up and Meisel smothers Remy standing against the cage and thwarts any offense Bussieres has then takes him down. Remy again tries for a guillotine, but fails again and the round ends.

Round 2: Remy right away walks Jason down for a standing gulliotine that he lays back on and tries it again on the ground but Meisel gets out again and winds up on top, then takes Remy’s back. Remy tries to stand up but Jason hangs on although not furthering his game at all. Jason continues to exhaust Remy, who misses back elbows, then Jason turns around and pushes BUssieres against the fence and pressures Remy down where Meisel lands knees until the bell rings.

Round 3: Meisel continues to do much of the same and pressures Remy against the fence and scores a quick takedown, but they both get back up quickly. Jason keeps on applying endless pressure along the fence, Remy scores another takedown and again both get back up fast. Remy finally has a dominant position along the cage but fails a takedown attempt, and Jason takes over again along the cage landing short elbows and side punches. Jason lands another takedown right as the bell ends the round and the fight.

Official Result: Jason Meisel defeats Remy Bussieres via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Brian Rogers (10-6) vs. Adrien Miles (14-5)
Round 1: Miles lands a 1-2 punch to start things off, they both land right body kicks and Adrien stays busy with his left leg. Rogers then lands a hard left, right then a body kick but eats a counter right from Miles. Adrien lands a light jab but Brian throws hard lefts to answer, Miles then lands 2 left body kicks. Then he lands another and Brian tries to pressure Adrien against the cage. Miles gets a body lock and attempts a takedown. Brian lands two right hooks and Miles answers with a body kick and runs after Brian and lands more lefts to end Round 1.

Round 2: Rogers lands a right leg kick then a hard left hook, then lands a partial right head kick and attempts a flurry that mostly misses. Both fighters miss on exchanges and Miles backs up against the cage and Brian fakes a flying right knee only to land a chin blasting flying left knee and Miles goes night night as Rogers wins by flying knee KO.

Official Result: Brian Rogers defeats Adrien Miles via KO (Flying Knee) at 1:43 of Round 2

 See the incredible knockout here: http://gfycat.com/UltimateDimBlobfish

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