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Bellator’s Liam McGeary: “I’ve Come to America Looking for a Fight.”

Photo Courtesy of Liam McGeary's Facebook.

Bellator’s Light Heavyweight heavy hitter, Liam McGeary (7-0) came to America from across the pond by way of Channel Islands which is 15 miles off the coast of France. He now fights for Renzo Gracie’s New York gym and for Church Street Boxing.

Liam got to enjoy his first tournament fight in Bellator as part of the opening round of the “Summer Series” Light Heavyweight tournament at Bellator 118.

However his fight lasted a mere 20 seconds and ended after McGeary did his best David Ortiz impression by landing a walk off home run punch on his opponent Mike Mucitelli before sending him into unconsciousness.

“I knew he was going to try to take me to the ground, but I used his momentum to flip him over and then I connected. When you hit somebody and feel them go soft…. You just know.”

With that victory Liam is now 4-0 inside Bellator with 4 stoppages all in the first round and under 90 seconds. In his debut he blasted Antan Talamantes at Bellator 95, in his encore he jaw jacked Beau Tribolet at Bellator 100 then he showed his versatility at Bellator 108, submitting Mojtaba Najim Wall via armbar.

“I’m just doing what I do, we don’t wrestle that much in England. We don’t really lay on top of somebody. Who wants to watch a fight where people lay on each other? People want action, people want knockouts. My fighting style is simply mine, it’s unique, I’ll hit from everywhere and keep hitting.”

Liam won’t find out who his next opponent in the tournament will be until June 6th, but in all reality to McGeary, he doesn’t really care, it’s just another guy that will attempt to come between him and his goals.

“I’m excited to fight whoever, I want to fight the best in the business and test myself to see how good I am. I’ve come to America looking for a fight. All I want is a pat on the back and a big fat check. I don’t mind who I fight next, I just want to win that tournament and get that money.”

Fight fans’ should not miss Liam’s next showcase as he promises to fulfill all their blood thirsty desires.

“Expect fireworks, excitement, knockouts or submissions just a f*!&@^#% good fight.”