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Titan 28 Potential Show Stealer; Roberts v.s. Jardine

Picture courtesy of Titan Fighting Championship on Facebook

Daniel “Ninja” Roberts (14-5) will face “The Machine” Brock Jardine (9-3) on the main card of Titan Fighting Championships 28; Brilz vs Davis.

This is pivotal match-up for both fighter’s careers as they are both clawing their way back to the UFC.

Training for both Brock and Daniel has been a key factor in the build-up to their fight.

“I’ve had great training.” Brock says, “The fight got pushed back, even though I was ready, I’m glad I got to train more, I haven’t missed a stride. Normally I train with current UFC fighters, Ramsey Nijem, Court Mcghee and Steven Siler but this time Brad Barrington was my main partner to emulate Daniel Roberts mainly because he’s a southpaw.”

Roberts has decided to put an extra emphasis on his standup on preperation.

“Training is going great, I’m working with former UFC fighters, Josh Bryant and Gerald Harris. I’ve worked alot on my boxing with my main trainer and coach Pepe Johnson.”

Both Roberts and Jardine have performed under the bright lights of the UFC, however they both share mixed emotions about their time spent there.

“Dissapointing.” Jardine states. “No one wants to go 0-2 in the UFC, I took a short notice fight against Rick Story and I may have let his name get in my head. I feel like I could beat him now, no disrespect to him and against Kenny Robertson he sinked in a leg-lock that’s never happened before in the UFC. Now I have Daniel Roberts in front of me so I have to worry about him, beat him, then hopefully get a call back.”

Daniel proclaims, “It was good for the most part, I only got cut because I made bad decisions, I took a couple of fights on short notice. Like Rich Anttonito, it was two weeks notice and probably the dumbest thing I ever did. We fight for a reason and take a lot of sacrifices. It’s a tough sport and you have to prepare your body mentally and physically. I’m constantly moving and constantly learning. Honestly I think I could beat anybody I lost to, I would rematch any of them if it happens that’s great, if it doesn’t it’s not a big deal. ”

Even though Daniel has been working to better his standing, Brock thinks Roberts will take the fight to the mat.

“I feel like he will try to take me down, I’m going to stuff his takedowns, outstrike and outwrestle him. If he takes me down I won’t be there long, as the fight goes on I’m only going to get stronger and he’s going to wear down. I’ve learned to become comfortable no matter where the fight takes me.”

“Me and Daniel both have high finishing percentages and we are both hard to finish.”

Both fighters have a enjoyed stoppages in just shy of 80% of their wins.

“Ideally I want the finish and I don’t see any breaks in the action, it’s two finishers going after each other so people should tune in.”

Roberts also doesn’t see the fight reaching the final bell.

“I’m excited and definitely confident I’m going to win, if it goes to the ground I know he doesn’t want to go there but if he does, it’ll be perfect for me. I think I’ll win by submission or tko, I definitely plan on finishing. One of my theories is, if you have any losses by submission than I’m looking pretty good.”

Brock has a single defeat by way of submission in his 3 total losses.

“I’m confident in my standup too, I’m ready for whatever. I’ve got tunnel vision, I’m completely focused on Brock Jardine.”

Fans should be focused on Titan 28: Brilz vs Davis on Friday, May 16th so they too can witness the result of when a Machine stands toe to toe with a Ninja.