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Titan Fighting Prospects; Gaston Reyno


Just two weeks out until South American native, Gaston Reyno makes his long awaited MMA pro debut, and what other promotion to do it for than Titan Fighting Championships?

Titan 28: Brilz vs Davis will feature a 6 fight main card on CBSsports and an under card available online at cbssports.com and fighters like Gaston are the reason you don’t want to miss the internet portion.

Sometimes prospectors search and nothing is found, but with Reyno, many feel like Titan has struck solid gold.

13 days till Reyno makes his first appearance as a pro and his training couldn’t be more family like.

“It’s going to be a hard week, we have my fight to prepare for, my main trainer James Krause (20-5) will fight a week after.”

Krause will take on former WEC Lightweight Champion Jamie Varner at UFC 173.

“This weekend my other teammate Zak Cummings (16-3) has a fight as well”

Cummings will face undefeated Yan Cabral at UFN 40.

Training with these UFC vets and competing in Muay Thai fights has helped Gaston do the Harlem Shake to any nerves in his debut.

“I feel great, I don’t get nervous, I have competed all the time. I have 5 fights and all ko’s, I’ve been to Thailand and China fighting and I came in to help prepare James Krause who got me to stay here and I fought MMA for the first time 2 weeks later. After he saw my fights he said I was ready.”

Gaston has an arsenal of standup tools, however he has a fetish for a certain limb.

“I think my kicks are my specialty, I enjoy that the most, and I love kicking heads. I can live without my food, my language, my family, or my country but I can’t live without kicking heads. Having sex and kicking heads are two things I can’t live without.”

Basically the bare necessities of a fighter’s life.

Reyno is also incredibly humble for the chance to fight for such a massive promotion.

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to debut for Titan Fighting Championships. I should be a farmer in South America but right now I have you interviewing me and I get to go see a race car that is sponsoring me. This american life is a dream for me and I will do whatever it takes to win and keep my dream alive.”

Gaston has plans win or lose in his next fight to drop to featherweight despite the fact that he’s kind of tall.

“I’m 6’0 and 155 pounds, but I’m very skinny, I don’t drink or smoke and I diet right so I might drop to featherweight. I don’t have a pet, family nor do I go out I am completely obsessed with this, with fighting.”

If anyone is looking for some confidence, “The Head-Kicking Connoisseur” Gaston  Reyno has enough to spare preparing for his fight with David Nielson (1-2) on May 16th.

“My confidence is very high, me and my teammates have looked at tape, we know he likes to strike and I hope we put on a great show, I want a war.”

However Gaston may start a war he plans to finish early.

“I know the fight will end simply. KO. Head kick. First round.”

People shouldn’t want to miss a Fans Fighters First highlight reel knockout on the internet portion of Titan 28: Brilz vs Davis.