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Pat Barry: “I am a More Advanced, More Intelligent Version of What I was Before.”

(Photo Courtesy via GLORY Sports International)

Pat barry has always been a fan favorite for some time, whether it be in the ring under kickboxing rules or in the cage for the UFC.

This weekend, he makes his debut at Glory 16 in Denver, Colorado. Its a coming home party for Barry more than anything. He had fought for K-1 in the past but due to its financial instability, he took a job with the UFC, debuting for the promotion at UFC 92, in his fourth professional MMA bout. Even though, Barry alternated wins in losses in MMA, before leaving the UFC with an 8-7 record in professional MMA, but he still came out as a fighter everyone enjoyed watching due to his aggressive style and the fact that in 15 fights, Barry has only been to decision once.

Barry (8-7, MMA, 16-5-1, Kickboxing), had asked to be released from the UFC following a knockout loss to Soa Palelei — who took Barry down and finished him in the mount — to concentrate on kickboxing in a return to his roots. Barry had made his professional kickboxing debut in 2002, and won his first five bouts, four of them by knockout.

Scifighting got to talk to Barry about his upcoming fight for GLORY, and how he is evolving in combat sports.
SciFighting: Going from ufc to glory do you feel that you will be restricted leaving the ground game behind?

Barry: No not all. I am more liberated leaving the ground game behind. I was a kick boxer first. I had to learn wrestling and jiu-jitsu as a 30-year-old and I get to go back to the thing I most like to do. I am more liberated I am more free now that I don’t have the ground game.

SciFighting: Knowing he is a well known kickboxer did you prepare differently for this fight?

Barry: Other fights I had to worry about guys grabbing my ankle grabbing my feet throwing me upside down spinning my head the wrong way and breaking my arm I had to focus a lot of attention on defending that, whereas now I only have to focus on a guy’s striking ability, this is the focus and its going back to where I originally came from and its wear I am going to be for a while now. It’s me just focusing on the stand up game. But as always I am focused on myself it doesn’t matter what he’s good at or what he can do I have to focus my attention on myself. If I get in and do what I do best, If I show up and do what it is I am supposed to do then I can nullify any time of offense strategy he might have.

SciFighting: Do you feel like it’s been beneficial for your career to leave the ground game behind and concentrate on your roots, will it be beneficial for your future career?

Barry: Oh absolutely man, I have always wanted to be a kick boxer, it’s all I have ever been, it’s all I have ever really wanted to do, now I am just able to get back into kickboxing.

SciFighting: So going into your GLORY debut, do you feel confident?

Barry: I’ve always been a kick boxer I was never really an MMA guy. I was a kickboxer attempting to become a well-rounded MMA fighter, but I have always been just a kickboxer. I only have to worry about kickboxing and I can be more comfortable being who I am and who I have always been.

SciFighting: Where do you see GLORY in the broad spectrum of combat sports and in future, in its own right?

Barry: When it comes to kickboxing, glory is the superbowl of kickboxing. GLORY is the highest level kickboxing. Glory has showed up and stuck around and it hasn’t gone anywhere. There is nothing higher then GLORY in kickboxing.

SciFighting: Has moving from one combat sport to another affected your training?

Barry: When you move to MMA you can’t punch the same way you do in kickboxing. You can’t kick the same or stand the same because it’s a completely different sport. Now that I am back into kickboxing my training has reverted back to where it was before, but a better version of it. My stance is different, my level of aggression is different, my confidence level is different, everything that we have done over the last five years. I have done none of that I have had completely rearrange everything.

Scifighting: How did the UFC background benefit you?

Barry: It gave me time to mature as a man, as an adult, and as a competitor in combat sports. I have to be known as a striker. Now coming back into kickboxing, I am a more advanced, more intelligent version of what I was before.

Catch Pat Barry’s Glory debut May 3rd at Glory 16: Denver, which airs on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT, live from the 1stBank Center in Denver, Colorado.