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Bellator 118 Main Card Results; Joe Warren Claims Interim Title, Koreshkov Advances to 170 Finals Easily

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Bellator 118 will decide the fate of the

Main Card (SPIKE TV) 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT

Bellator “Summer Series” Light Heavyweight Qurater-Final
Liam Mcgeary (6-0) vs. Michael Mucitelli (6-0)

Round 1: Mike takes Liam down quickly but gets up to eat a walk off left hook one punch hitter quitter from Mcgeary who has 7 fights, 7 wins, and 7 victories.

Official Result: Liam Mcgeary defeats Michael Mucitelli via knockout :20 seconds into Round 1

Marcos Galvao (15-6) vs. Thomas Vasquez (7-0)

Round 1: Galvao stalks early, Thomas lands a leg kick and stays on the outside, Galvao uses a bodylock to slam Vasquez to the ground and postures up on him against the fence. Vasquez gets back to his feet and switches stances to land a quick left hand to Marcos’s face. Galvao uses a nice judo throw but both get back up quick, Thomas lands a take down and they both get up quickly again. Marcos tries to gain a thai plum but Vasquez throws crazy amounts of punches to thwart the game plan, prompting galvao to take him down once more and the fighters remain there till the end of the round.

Round 2: Only feints are thrown thus far and Vasquez continues to switch stances, Galvao lands a nice left but eats a left from Thomas. Vasquez lands a jab and Marcos misses an over hand right. Marcos takes Thomas down and enters his guard, Galvao pushes him against the fence and keeps him on the ground until Thomas makes his way to his feet. Marcos is in complete and total control and enters the guard of Thomas again. Galvao lands a knee to the body but Vasquez gets back up only to eat knees till the end of the round.

Round 3: Alot of missed punches to open the round and fighters circle for nearly two entire minutes, Galvao gets a wild spinning takedown and goes for the rear naked choke after taking Vasquez’s back, he sinks the hook and Thomas has to put all his effort into his defense. Galvao tries for the choke, leans up lands punches then repeats this process a few times, punches to the side of the ear then sneaks the arm in for a choke attempt again, Vasquez successfully turns out after a long period of time and enters Marcos’s guard and throws as many punches as he can before the bell sounds.

Official Result: Marcos Galvao defeats Thomas Vasquez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Bellator Welterweight Semifinal:

 Andrey Koreshkov (15-1) vs. Justin Baesman (14-4)

Round 1: Baesman lands a punch and moves backwards, Andrey loads up and throws hard rights that miss, Koreshkov is looking to kill and lands a brutal uppercut and then a highlight reel ko knee that will be seen time and time again on many Bellator programs. Andrey wins in spectacular fashion in the first round.

Official Result: Andrey Koreshkov defeats Justin Baesman via knockout at 1:41 of Round 1

Bellator Interim Bantamweight Title: 
Joe Warren (10-3) vs. Rafael Silva (21-3)

Round 1: Joe rushes in an eats a jab then Rafael slams Joe down to the mat, Silva takes Warren’s back quickly and secures the hooks. Joe explodes back to his feet in quick fashion, but Silva stays tight to Joe’s body along the cage working towards another takedown. Warren lands a knee to the body and a stiff left hand to the head, takes silva down and fails a guillotine attempt, Warren enters a rubber guard and postures up but gets wrestled off. Silva lands a ridiculous uppercutt that wobbled Warren then he continued to eat mean right hands but lands a takedown out of nowhere in a wild exchange that sees Warren on top of Silva in his guard to end the first round.

Round 2: Warren tries a flying knee off the bat that fails, but secures a shooting takedown and postures up on Silva against the cage, fighters get back to their feet. Silva lands half of a spinning back kick to the body, Joe eats another uppercutt from Silva, Warren scores another takedown but doesn’t keep Silva down long. Warren eats two more uppercuts but answers with a quick left, Joe misses a jump knee and is tossed to the ground like a wrag doll. Joe gets in north south position but gets reversed allowing Silva to take side mount, then the fighters get back to their feet and Rafael eats a right from Warren but takes him down quickly, however both get back up and Joe wrestles Silva on the fence to end a very close second round.

Round 3: Joe lands a massive right to start things off and hurts Silva who acknowledges it, but Silva lands another uppercut, the fighters separate and Joe rushes in for a hard takedown. Joe starts to work his ground and pound, fighters legitmately stay in this position for the remainder of the round and its just Silva eating small punches and elbows while Joe is in his half guard.

Round 4: Joe goes straight for the takedown again, gets it but Silva gets back up and tries a takedown of his own that fails and gets taken down again by Warren. Joe takes Rafael’s back and he lands pit pat strikes to the ribs of Silva then tries for the rear naked choke, fails his attempt and both fighters return to their feet. Joe utilizes a power-half to control Rafael along the fence. Silva almost attempts a takedown but is almost piledriven to the mat by Warren. Joe takes Rafael’s back once more to end the round.

Round 5: 5th round of a fight that most have at 2 rounds a piece. Joe comes out and lands an early takedown. Silva somewhat gets some footing but Joe stays tight and keeps on Warren’s back. Joe lands an illegal knee while Silva had both his hands on the mat and the ref separates them, and everyone notices a mean mouse above Warren’s left eye. and Joe keeps the pressure on Rafael’s back and smothers him and takes him down once more. Again landing elbows and light punches to Silva who is breathing out of his mouth at this point, Joe continues landing short elbows and ends the fight and probably the mountain of Bellator bantamweights…On top.

Official Result:Joe Warren defeats Rafael Silva via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)



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