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The Ultimate Fighter 19 Episode 3 Recap


Team Penn’s victory appears to have caused a rift between the housemates. Cathal Pendred converses with Hector Urbina, the man he defeated last week, and thanks him for a well-fought match. Urbina, however, takes Pendred’s words a face value.

Coach Frankie Edgar invites MMA legend Renzo Gracie to give his team some pointers. He goes over various ground techniques while Team Edgar, and more specifically Todd Monaghan, observe attentively. Monaghan fights light heavyweight Daniel Spohn later in the episode.

Monaghan is a preacher and Evangelist who thanks God for leading him to TUF. He gathers the housemates together early on a Sunday morning and breaks down how the Bible steered him away from a life of crime.

“I know for a fact that I’m here be a preacher to anybody who needs me here, just as much-if not more- than to fight,” Monaghan said. Monaghan reveals that being raised by a white family caused a lot of heartache, ultimately finding an escape with MMA.

After the sermon, Team Penn criticizes Monaghan because of his lush life, which includes gold jewelry and luxury cars. Pendred says “actions speak louder than words, and he’s full of words,” believing Monaghan should give to the less fortunate.

Coach B.J. Penn reiterates that Spohn was his first pick because of his elimination-round performance and subsequent training sessions. “I think he’s going to knock out everybody he meets on the show,” Penn said.

At TUF house, Spohn leads an impromptu training session in Team Penn’s room. The Ohio-native conducts his teammates through yoga-like exercises. “My Black belt is the hardest things I’ve ever achieved really, Spohn said. “I’ve also learned some Gung Fu, similar to Kung Fu, but more advanced.”

Meanwhile, Team Edgar circles around a fire and air their concerns. Cory Anderson leads the discussion, believing that Monaghan focused too much on his striking and not enough on a backup plan. Monaghan joins the group and reveals similar concerns.

Todd Monaghan vs. Daniel Spohn – light heavyweight bout

Round 1- Spohn is first to attack, opening with an inside leg kick. He connects with a straight left and pushed Monaghan to the cage. Spohn takes him down and immediately looks for an arm-triangle choke. Unsuccessful, he mounts Monaghan and begins striking. Monaghan scurries to his feet but it taken down again. He escapes multiple submission attempts but can’t shake Spohn off of him. Spohn mounts Monaghan as the round ends.

Round 2- Monaghan goes on the offensive, charging with flailing strikes. Still, Spohn takes him down. Monaghan attempts a guillotine choke but can’t lock it in. Spohn gets top position and begins to ground-and-pound. Monaghan manages to get Spohn back in guard position but can’t defend himself. Spohn grips Monaghan’s back a nearly locks in a rear-naked choke as the final bell sounds.

Spohn wins via unanimous decision.

Team Penn takes a 2-0 leading, giving their coach a second consecutive fight pick. Penn selects Tim Williams to fight Team Edgar’s Dhiego Lima next week.

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