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UFC 172 Main Card Results: Jones Dominates, Johnson Upsets Davis

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UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones (19-1) will look to make it 7 consecutive title defense opposite Glover Texiera (22-2) in UFC 172’s main event. Jones is virtually undefeated in his MMA career, boasting only one loss on his record which came via dubious DQ in a fight he was dominating. Texiera hasn’t lost a bout in nearly a decade and possess knockout power that can end Jones’ reign with one strike.

The night’s main card also features a light-heavyweight showdown between #4 ranked Phil Davis (12-1) and a returning Anthony Johnson (16-4). Davis is riding high off a decision win over former champion Lyoto Machida while Johnson is  returning to the UFC for the first time since 2012.

Three other bouts are also on deck for the UFC 172 main card including middleweights Luke Rockhold (11-2) and Tim Boetsch (17-6), lightweights Jim Miller (22-4, 1 NC) and Yancy Medeiros (9-1, 1 NC), and featherweights Max Holloway (8-3) and Andre Fili (13-1).

Take a look below for live results as the night progresses.

Light Heavyweight Championship Bout: Jon Jones (c) vs. Glover Teixeira

Round 1: Jones starts the bout with two straight body kicks. Jones shoots for a takedown and is stuffed by Teixeira. Teixeira lands a right hand. Jones clinches with Teixeira but is unable to take his foe down. Right hand lands for Teixeira. Takedown attempt from Teixeira is stuffed. Head kick nearly lands for Jones. An eye poke from Jones breifly stops the action. Teixeira is throwing bombs while Jones is sticking with the jabs. Lead left hook lands for Jones. Teixiera throws a kick that is caught by Jones and the champion takes the challenger down. Teixeira up to his feet quickly. Left straight lands for Jones . Spinning back kick from Jones sends Teixeira back. The challenger pushes forward with looping punches but is unablet o land. Jones lands an axe kick to close out the round. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Jones.

Round 2: Jones with a near takedown to start the round but Teixeira is able to get up quickly. Left straight lands for Jones. Another axe kick from Jones. Jones lands a hard elbow and Teixeira shoots for a takedown. Another eye poke causes a brief stop in the fight. The fight resumes and Jones looks for a spinning back kick. Teixeira trying to land a bomb but Jones uses his jab to avoid. Teixeira lands a flurry of punches that send Jones reeling. Jones recovers and hits Teixeira with a huge elbow that pushes him back. Jones is using elbows at will and hurting Teixeira. Oblique kick from Jones. Spinning back kick then elbow land for Jones. Jones pushes Teixeira back to the cage and lands a hard shoulder strike. Body kick lands for Teixeira. The round ends with A spinning wheel kick from Jones. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Jones (20-18 overall).

Round 3: Jones looking to turn it on at the start of round three. Body shot lands for Teixeira. Body kick lands for Jones and Teixeira shoots for a takedown that is stuffed. Head kick lands for Jones. Uppercut from Jones knocks Teixeira’s mouth piece out. Jones shoots for a takedown but is stuffed by the challenger. Teixeira hurts Jones with uppercuts against the cage but Jones circles out to avoid further punishment. Jones pushes Teixeira against the cage and lands elbows. Texeira is sporting a nice cut on his forehead courtesy of Jones’ elbows. Jones is abusing Teixeira’s legs with knees in the clinch. Teixeira pushes Jones away and circles off of the cage. The fighters return to the center of the Octagon where Jones lands a left hook. Body kick and left hoook for Jones push Teixeira back against the cage. Jones is obliterating Teixeira against the cage. Elbows, uppercuts, and knees  from the champion. The round ends with Teixeira throwing uppercuts. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Jones (30-27 overall).

Round 4: Side kick to the body lands for Jones. Jones shoots for a takedown but Teixeira shrugs it off. Right hand and elbow over the top for Jones. Jones pushes Teixeira back against the cage once again. Elbow  and knee to the body from Jones. Teixeira circles off the cage and the fighters resume in the center of the cage. Body kick lands for Jones. Elbows from Jones. Oblique kick hurts Teixeira then Jones adds on to the damage with an elbow over the top. Uppercut from Jones. Jones initiates the clinch again and immediately begins to knee Teixeira against the cage. A spinning elbow lands for Jones. Another elbow for Jones. Jones throwing elbow after elbow against the cage. Teixeira responds with a few hooks. Jones ends the round with a takedown and some hard ground and pound. SciFighting scores the round 10-8 Jones (40-35 overall Jones).

Round 5: Jabs and a takedown from Jones to start the round.  Teixeira is quick to get to his feet but once again finds his back against the cage where Jones a spinning back fist a la his fight with Shogun Rua. Big uppercut for Teixeira. Jones fires back with a left hook. Jones is boxing up Teixeira against the cage and Teixeira’s mouthpiece falls to the floor. The fight resumes and Teixeira wobbles forward with a big right hand. Elbow from Jones. Teixeira is starting to land his right hand. Jones lands a three punch combo but Teixeira fires back with an uppercut of his own. Teixeira is once again back against the cage where Jones lands yet another elbow. Flying knee from Jones narrowly misses. Jones clinches with Teixeira and pushes him back against the cage. Teixeira circles out. Spinning back elbow misses for Jones. The rounds ends with Jones celebrating with his arms up. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Jones and the fight 50-44 for Jones.

Official Result: Jon Jones def. Glover Teixeira via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45).

Light Heavyweight Bout: Phil Davis vs. Anthony Johnson

Round 1: Davis using a lot of movement to start the fight; Johnson stalking. Johnson pushes forward with a jab and Davis shoots for a takedown but is easily stuffed. Left uppercut lands for Johnson. Davis is trying to take Johnson down but is unable to do so. A right hand lands for Davis. Body kick for Johnson. Straight right from Johnson. Another uppercut lands for Johnson. Right hook lands for Johnson. Davis is hurt. Davis is trying to push forward for a takedown but Johnson defends. Big punches on the ground from Johnson. Davis catches a Johnson kick but is unable to land a takedown. Davis nearly takes Johnson’s head off with a head kick but barely misses. Thunderous leg kick then two punch combination land for Johnson. The round ends with Davis throwing kicks to keep Johnson at bay. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Johnson.

Round 2: Hard leg kick from Johnson to start the round. Jab from Johnson then a huge right hand that barely misses. Solid jab from Davis lands. Davis throws a leg kick that gets immediately countered by a Johnson head kick. Davis shoots for a takedown and Johnson just throws him aside. Right uppercut from Johnson lands and pushes Davis back. Johnson starts to swarm Davis hitting him with multiple punches and kicks. One, two combination from Davis lands. Stiff jab and right hand to follow lands for Johnson. Davis whacks Johnson with a superman punch. Davis tires to go upstairs with a head kick but Johnson counters with a right hand that sends Davis stumbling back. Davis tries to shoot for more takedowns but Johnson just laughs and pushes Davis away. Davis lands a left hook as the horn sounds. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Johnson (20-18 Johnson overall).

Round 3: Johnson lands a right hook to open up round three. Davis shoots for a takedown at the same time Johnson throws a knee and is still unable to land it. Straight right hand lands for Davis and he shoots for another takedown but is once again stuffed. A two punch combination lands for Johnson. Davis tries to land another head kick but Johnson blocks it. Johnson tries to shoot for a takedown of his own but Davis reverses and tries a takedown of his own. Keeping with the theme of the night Johnson defends yet another takedown. The round ends with Johnson shooting for a takedown. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Johnson and the fight 30-27 for Johnson.

Official Result: Anthony Johnson def. Phil Davis via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Middleweight Bout: Luke Rockhold vs. Tim Boetsch

Round 1: Boetsch opens up with a body kick. Leg kick from Boetsch then a takedown attempt. Boetsch lands the takedown but Rockhold scrambles and locks up a triangle from top position. Boetsch tries to roll out as Rockhold looks lock up a kimura. Rockhold pushes Boetsch’s arm back at an awkward angle and “The Barbarian” taps.

Official Result: Luke Rockhold def. Tim Boetsch via submission (kimura) at 2:08 of round 1.

Lightweight Bout: Jim Miller vs. Yancy Medeiros

Round 1: Both fighters tentative to start the bout. A leg kick from Miller lands. Front kick lands for Medeiros. Miller lands a straight left. Medeiros pushes forward and lands a lead left hook. A straight left to the body buckled Medeiros and Miller looked to pour it on but Medeiros tied up quickly. Miller threw Medeiros to the ground and immediately  locked up a guillotine choke! Medeiros tried to tough it out but ended up going to sleep.

Official Result: Jim Miller def. Yancy Medeiros via technical submission (guillotine choke) at 3:18 of round 1.

Featherweight Bout: Max Holloway vs. Andre Fili

Round 1: The fighters touch gloves to start the bout. Fili looking to uncork a huge right hand on Holloway but leaves himself open for a counter left. Leg kick from Fili. Spinning back kick lands for Holloway. Jab from Fili lands. Another spinning back kick from Holloway. Fili comes back and rocks Holloway with a left hand. Fili is opening up and landing his jab here against Holloway. Right hand to the body form Fili. A two punch combo lands for Holloway but Fili fires back with a right straight that briefly wobbles the Hawaiian. Straight right lands for Holloway. Fili counters a Holloway leg kick with a takedown but “Blessed” quickly gets to his feet. Body kick for Fili. Holloway lands a nice knee after Fili caught one of his body kicks. Holloway charged forward after the knee but left himself open to being clinched against the cage. The round ends with the fighters jockeying for position against the cage. Close round but SciFighting scores it 10-9 for Fili.

Round 2: Leg kick from Fili opens up the second round but Holloway comes back with a front kick. A spinning back kick to the body badly hurts Fili. Holloway pushes his opponent against the cage and begins to land knee after knee. Fili circles away from the cage but he is moving very slow. Leg kick from Fili. Body kick from Fili gets caught and Holloway dumps him to the ground. A hard right hand lands for Holloway and Fili immediately searches for a takedown. Holloway throws Fili aside on the takedown attempt and begins to land jab after jab. Fili has significantly slowed after the spinning back kick. Jab to the body from Holloway. Holloway jumps forward with a knee but leaves himself open for a takedown.  Fili fails to work enough for referee Kevin Mulhall and the fight is stood up. Leg kick lands for Fili, but Holloway fires back with a 1-2 combination. Spinning back kick from Holloway is caught and Fili drives forward for a takedown. Holloway is pushed back to the cage by Fili but escapes the attempt. A third takedown attempt in the round from Fili is thwarted and Holloway lands knees to the body to end the round. SciFighting scores the round 10-9 Holloway (19-19 overall).

Round 3: Fili seems to have regained some steam going into the third round. Jabs from Holloway are the most significant strikes landing so one minute into the round. Fili drops down for a single leg takedown but is unable to complete it. Another takedown attempt from Fili but this one finally lands. Holloway works his way to his feet and Fili lands a knee before “Blessed” can completely exit the clinch. Straight right lands for Holloway. Jab from Fili. Fili shoots for another takedown but is unable to land it. Another takedown attempt from Fili and Holloway counters with a guillotine attempt. Fili escapes and pushes Holloway’s back to the cage. Holloway reverses position and begins to pepper Filli with punches. Fili is hurt!  Fili shoots for a takedown and leaves his neck open for a guillotine. Fili taps immediately. A very impressive performance from Holloway.

Official Result: Max Holloway def. Andre Fili via submission (guillotine choke) at 3:39 of round 3.