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Jon Jones Trashes Alexander Gustafsson; “I Proved I Have Three Times the Heart”

Photo via InsideFights.com

Current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is fed up with Alexander Gustafsson.

Jones, who has been labeled by the MMA fan base as an arrogant jerk, has turned the tables and called out Gustafsson for his arrogance following their five round war in September of 2013.

“I respected him a lot more before we fought,” Jones told FoxSports.com. “I’ll tell you what, he has so much arrogance for someone who didn’t win.”

Jones was expected to steamroll Gustafsson, but the Swedish fighter proved to be a formidable foe going blow for blow with the light heavyweight great. Many believe that Jones was down 2 rounds to 1 heading into the fourth round, but the champion made it a non-issue as he nearly finished Gustafsson in the fourth round and out-struck the challenger in the fifth. Even with the victory,it was Jones who was stretchered out of the Octagon while Gustafsson walked out of the cage under his own power.

Since the fight, Gustafsson has accused Jones of ducking him and stated that he’s a bad match-up for the champion. Jones hasn’t been too fond of Gustafsson’s recent remarks, to say the least. “I find it funny, because Gustafsson lost the fight fair and square.” Jones said. “I will admit he won Round 1 and Round 3, but that’s it. I won the fight. I’ve never heard someone chirp so much who lost. I could see if I poked him in the eye and the fight had to be stopped or I caught him with a big punch while he was winning and it was a fluke or something. But it was nothing like that.”

“We fought our hearts out,” Jones said. “I proved that I have three times the heart that he did.”

Gustafsson solidified his spot as a number one contender this past March when he knocked out then-undefeated Jimi Manuwa and will face the winner of Jones vs. Teixeira later this year. Jones says
he has one piece of advice for Gustafsson should they meet again.

“He needs to close his mouth and go back to the drawing board,” Jones said, “and humbly come back for a second chance.”

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