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Bellator 116 Main Card Results: Including Volkov’s KO of Mighty Mo GIF

(Photo Courtesy via Bellator MMA)

Bellator 116 is perhaps one of the most stacked of the season. Including some familiar names such as Rob Emerson and Karo Parisyan on the preliminary card, all four of the fights on the main card carry big implications for each fighter involved.

The first of the night is the final fight of Vladimir Matyushenko as he battles the hard-charging Joey Beltran.

The Bellator season 10 heavyweight semifinals are also on the main card. Former Bellator heavyweight champion Alexander Volkov will fight Mighty Mo and Lavar Johnson will take on Blagoi Ivanov to set up the Bellator season 10 heavyweight finals.

One half of the season 10 welterweight tournament also took place. Nathan Coy sat across from Adam McDonough.

Main Card (SPIKE TV) 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT

Bellator Heavyweight Semifinal: 
Mighty Mo (6-2) vs. Alexander Volkov (19-4)

Round 1: Volkov throws a kick and Mighty Mo catches it and charges him against the fence and takes him down but Alexander gets right back up quick. Mo keeps Volkov pinned against the fence but Alexander lands a knee. Big John breaks the two heavys up and Volkov lands a leg kick, then a front kick and a side kick. Mo starts to breathe heavy then Alexander lands a left headkick and knocks Mighty Mo out cold with his neck strained and toes curled, nasty sight.

See the KO here: http://gfycat.com/CleverGreenAlbertosaurus

Official Result: Alexander Volkov defeats Mighty Mo via Knockout at 3:16 of Round 1

Bellator Welterweight Semifinal:
Nathan Coy (14-4) vs. Adam McDonough (10-0)

Round 1: Coy comes in and pressures Adam against the cage and looks for a takedown and gets it but McDonough is right back up. They take the center of the cage and Adam lands a left that drops Nathan but he gets right back up and pressures McDonough again agaisnt the cage in search of another takedown, he didn’t get it this time but lands a nice knee. Coy shoots but Adam sprawls out, Coy shoots and McDonough lands heavy shots on the ground at least 20 in a row to the side of Nathan’s head but no knocout blows and Nathan gets back up only to have his mouthpiece knocked out but lands a take down to end a wild round 1.

Round 2: Nathan comes out and looks wobbly, and Adam lands a solid left to wobble him again, but he stands up only to eat a hard left hook to the temple and fall face first to the canvas for the ref to stop it for a TKO victory for Adam McDonough.

Official Result: Adam McDonough defeats Nathan Coy via TKO at :30 of Round 2

Light Heavyweight: Joey Beltran (14-10) vs. Vladimir Matyushenko (27-7)

Round 1: Vlad comes out and lands three left jabs then one right but both stay in the pocket. Vlad stands in for an overhand right that connects, Joey bounces in and out, then Matyushenko lands a right jab, but Beltran lands a hard right to answer. Janitor lands a hard right leg kick then a left/right combo, Joey lands a body kick then a stiff left jab and follows with a hard right hok but eats an overhand right from Vlad. Joey lands another right jab to end round 1.

Round 2: Joey lands a nice body uppercut, but Vlad matches with an upper to the head. Matyushenko lands a nice right, then a left, right, left, combo and backs Beltran against the fence, Joey comes back to stalk and lands a combo to the body. Both are engaging hard. Vlad backs him off the with a left jab then a right over the top, then a left jab, Vlad shoots but Joey sprawls out. Beltran lands a leg kick then a punch to the body, then a right to the head, then a left to the head and the round ends.

Round 3: Vlad looks tired, as the final round of his career begins, Matyshenko shoots but fails, Joey lands a left. Vlad scores with a left hook but Joey answers with a right jab then a left jab. The Janitor answers with an overhand right, and a right leg kickthen a left jab. Joey lands a right to the body, but eats another left jab from Vlad. Matyushenko fails another takedown attempt and Joey Beltran secures a north/south choke and forces the aged gladiator Vladimir Matyushenko to tap out in his final fight.

Official Result: Joey Beltran defeats Vladimir Matyushenko via North-South choke at 2:14 of Round 3

Bellator Heavyweight Semifinal: 
Blagoi Ivanov (10-0) vs. Lavar Johnson (18-8)

Round 1: Ivanov pressures Lavar immediately against the cage, he manages to take Johnson down and enters his guard. Lavar gets out and lands punches and then they both stand and Johnson pressures Ivanov against the cage. Blagoi works a standing guilliotine but Lavar literally bodyslams Blagoi. They both return to their feet and Lavar lands a nice knee to the midsection, Ivanov lands a left to the face and then utilizes a head/arm throw to get Lavar to the ground and works for an americanan but lets it go, then secures a kimura and Johnson taps immediately.

Official Result: Blagoi Ivanov defeats Lavar Johnson via Kimura at 4:08 of Round 1