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Bellator 116 Preliminary Card Results

(Photo Courtesy via Bellator MMA)

Bellator 116 is here and with it, a stacked main card with heavy implications from each fight.

The Bellator season 10 heavyweight tournament semifinals take place on the main card as Mighty Mo will look to defeat former champion Alexander Volkov and Blagoi Ivanov tries to take out Lavar Johnson in the main event.

The final fight of MMA veteran Vladimir Matyushenko also takes place on the main card. He will fight fellow UFC veteran Joey Beltran.

Before the main card begins though, catch up on the entire preliminary card below:

Carlos Eduardo (11-2) vs. Rodney Wallace (19-8)

Round 1: Rodney starts things off throwing rights while some land and following some up with a variety of right and left hooks. Eduardo doesn’t have an answer early and can’t find a good range midway through the round. The two circle each other, and Rodney paws out a left jab and the round comes to an end.

Round 2: Eduardo lands an inside leg kick and is answered by a Wallace jab, Eduardo lands a jab then Wallace throws a combo missing most. Another left jab by Carlos, then ducks in for an overhand right that partially lands. Eduardo lands a left jab then circles out, Wallace lands an overhand right that lands then circles out. Carlos lands a left, right, side kick but all are partially blocked, then tries a leg takedown and fails to end the round.

Round 3: Wallace lands a right inside leg kick off the bat, Eduardo throws a leg kick but it’s checked by Rodney, Wallace throws a right, left combo that doesn’t land. Eduardo catches a leg and scores a takedown, Wallace tries for a leg lock then explodes and rolls out to his feet. Eduardo grabs Rodney and lands a knee but Wallace gets out and circles away. Carlos lands a left, right and right kick but all really light. Carlos pursues a Kimura to the ground but Wallace gets free and that sequence ends the fight.

Official Result: Rodney Wallace defeats Carlos Eduardo via Unanimous Decsion (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Philipe Lins (7-1) vs. Travis Clark (7-2)

Round 1: Lins comes out quick with a big quick left, right combo then a stiff straight jab dropped Clark and Philipe pounced and took the back and Travis had nowhere to go and tapped quick to a deep rear naked choke.

Official Result: Philipe Lins defeated Travis Clark via Rear Naked Choke at :47 of Round 1.

Ricky Rainey (6-2) vs. Andy Murad (6-1)

Round 1:  Murad comes out with a left, right, leg kick combo and repeats that until Rainey lands a counter left, they circle and then Ricky lands a hard right that wobbles Murad backward and then Andy eats a high kick to the face that cuts him then Rainey pounces against the cage with left and right combos to stop Murad by TKO.

Official Result: Ricky Rainey defeats Andy Murad by TKO at 1:11 of Round 1

Joe Taimanglo (19-5-1) vs. Rob Emerson (15-10)

Round 1: Emerson comes out with some leg kicks on Joe, JOe answers with punches that are partially blocked. Rob lands a right and a left that rocked Taimanglo and Rob pursues but is floored by a takedown. Emerson gets to his feet and lands a hard left, then another and pursues and is taken down by a judo throw once more. This time Joe stays in Rob’s guard, Joe gets full mount and attempts to take Rob’s back and finally gets it and gets his arms around Emerson’s neck and squeezes tight but not under his neck and Rob hangs on to end the round.

Round 2: Rob pressures Joe on the fence and takes Taimanglo down., but then Joe takes Rob’s back and sinks his hooks in. Joe is smothering Rob while Emerson defends the chokes but they stay in the same position. Joe goes for the mount but Rob gets out and gets on his feet. Rob lands a left and a right combo, and Rob keeps pressuring and lands a hard left that backs Joe up then a right that goes uncontested on Taimanglo’s face and Emerson grabs him and lands knees, it looks like Joe could go out at anytime but the round ends.

Round 3: Both come out slower than usual, Rob lands a left, right headkick combo. Rob circles out and lands a few more shots, not alot of damage being thrown in this round. Emerson lands a right body kick and a left jab then he switches to right then left, right then left then head kick then back to right then left. Joe engages back but Rob is getting the better of the striking to end round 3.

Official Result: Rob Emerson defeats Joe Taimanglo via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Ron Keslar (11-5) vs. Karo Parisyan (22-10)

Round 1: Ron comes in with rights and lefts and Karo waves him in to bring more, and Ron does. Keslar lands a hard right and wobbles Karo then lands a knee against the fence but Karo regains his composure but eats a right then counters Ron. Karo lands a right leg kick and lands a hard overhand right, then Ron lands a right that busts Parisyan’s nose. The fighters circle to end the round.

Round 2: The fighters come out and circle to begin round 2, Keslar lands a big right hand on the fence and shoots for a takedown. They stay along the fence for awhile until Karo gets an outside trip but both get back to their feet quick. Then Karo lands a hard right hook and knocks Ron Keslar on his butt and Parisyan swarms and finishes Ron with rights and more rights on the ground.

Official Result: Karo Parisyan defeats Ron Keslar via TKO at 4:11 of Round 2

Bellator Middleweight Semifinal
Joe Pacheco (7-1) vs. Brandon Halsey (5-0)

Round 1: Halsey comes out quick with a takedown to Joe and enters his half guard. They stand and Brandon tries a standing guillotine  and walks Pacheco down with it but releases the hold after awhile. Brandon then pressures Joe against the cage but Joe lands a right and cuts Halsey’s left eye. Brandon tries a take down and lands a left against the fence, Joe gets out only to be pressured against the opposite fence and taken down and Brandon stayed in side control to end the round.

Round 2: Joe comes out quickly with lefts and rights and goes forward on Brandon. Halsey gets a takedown and flattens out Joe on the ground then sinks the hooks, but joe squirms out and puts Brandon in his guard. Brandon stacks him up and keeps Joe there for awhile then the fighters get stood up. Joe starts to land some offense and clinches Brandon against the fence to end the round.

Round 3: Brandon shoots for a takedown but Joe denies it, Brandon tries again and succeeds and enters Pacheco’s guard. Brandon transitions to half guard and rains down elbows and fist from the side. Then he postures up a bit after about 3 minutes and starts enjoying ground and pound from top postion harder and harder but the round ends

Official Result: Brandon Halsey defeats Joe Pacheco via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)




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