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The Ultimate Fighter Nations Episode 13 Recap


The last TUF Nations episode begins with Richard Walsh reflecting on last week’s semifinal loss to Canadian Olivier Aubin-Mericer. Meanwhile, Vik Grujic and Sheldon Westcott talk about their fight this week where the winner advances to the April 16 finale.

“TUF” house gets an unexpected visitor the following night: former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. All sit at the dinner table and give their undivided attention to the MMA legend who discusses various drills and techniques used to sustain a long career.

“When I fought Hendricks I was not thinking. I was not there, I was on cruise control the whole time,” St. Pierre said. “As soon as he moved, I’d read it so many times, my brain recognized his movement pattern and the reaction to that pattern was a takedown.” St. Pierre was happy with the fight, saying he would feel guilt deep down inside if he thought otherwise.

“How you preserve yourself as a martial artist depends on how you train,” St. Pierre said. “You have to see your career like a marathon, not a sprint. It’s not about who’s got the biggest balls.” The visit presumably comes after the UFC staple announced his retirement last winter.

At Grujic’s training session, Team Australia coach Kyle Noke has his fighter do cardio to open up his lungs. “Regardless of the outcome of this fight or whatever happens in the future, I’m going to fight my ass off,” Grujic said. While he respects Westcott, once they enter the Octagon it will be “kill or be killed.”

Westcott says that he usually fights for friends and family, but this week’s fight is just for him. His goal is to expose Grujic’s neck. “For me it’s been a nightmare. I could put a storybook ending on a nightmare,” Westcott said of the last six weeks.

The injury-plagued fighter says that he wouldn’t have made it through TUF Nations without his coaches. They were aware of his limitations and worked around them. “It’s going to be a great last episode to this show,” Westcott said.

Grujic stats with a leg kicks as the fighters clash at center ring. Westcott’s initial takedown attempt is stuffed but he manages to push Grujic into the fence. He lifts Grujic, carries him across the Octagon, and slams the Australian to the mat. Grujic appears to have a guillotine choked locked in, but he immediately taps. That’s because Westcott used his shoulder to put pressure on Grujic’s neck while in half guard.The Canadian says his Von Flue-type choke was the first seen in the UFC from the half guard position.

Westcott advances to the middleweight finale against Elias Theodorou while the welterweight final is between Aubin-Mercier and Chad Laprise.

The house members pack up their belonging and reflect on their time in Canada. They sign each other’s merchandise much like one would sign a yearbook, and one by one they walk out of “TUF” house. “The Ultimate Fighter; it seems like it’s just a TV show, but to us fighters it’s so much more than that. It’s an opportunity to expand our future and wisdom in the sport,” said Team Australia welterweight Jake Matthews.