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Video: Team Based MMA is a Step in the Wrong Direction

(Photo Courtesy via Teamsfight.com)

One of the absolute worst things about an MMA fight is a bad stoppage. Referees often brand themselves if they string together a few bad stoppages and can often be chastised by fans who don’t agree with the logic of the referee.

Even then, there are two kinds of bad stoppages. There is the early stoppage that is a disappointment but unequivocally stops extra damage. Then there is the late stoppage, where a fighter has been subdued or even knocked unconscious before the referee grants them a stoppage.

The third and new category is a late stoppage that includes not just a winner and a loser, but a loser who is continuously being pummeled by several fighters at once while incompetent referees stand by and watch.

Team Fighting Championships is a five-on-five team based MMA promotion that pits all ten fighters (in two teams of five) against one another with five referees delegated to one match.

They start the fight with a movie style clash in the center of the ring as both teams charge each other and start to swing. Almost every fighter falls to the ground where there is some technique on display but only for a moment. Wild punches without any rhyme or reason dominate the stand up game and even if you’re working a submission on your opponent, his teammate can rush in and smash you on the side of the head out of no where.

Some of the fighters are event kicked, punched, and stomped by up to three men at a time with the final team member of the losing team is attacked by four men simultaneously.

Below, you can watch a full fight from one of their events and judge for yourself. All in all, this isn’t what MMA is about in the slightest.