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Namsaknoi: Jabs & Teeps, Throws, and Overhand Elbow

Video Technique Breakdown


Namsaknoi is one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time. Nicknamed The Emperor, Namsaknoi is known for his technical excellence in all areas of striking. He has an incredible record of 285 wins and 15 losses. Him and Buakaw are close friends and came out of the same camp — Por Pramuk. Aside from being a 3 time Lumpinee Champion (reigning for 6 years), WMC Champion, he is also a PABA Boxing champion.

Namsaknoi was the original star of the Por Pramuk gym, and if I remember correctly, he was originally chosen to enter the K-1 MAX tournament rather than Buakaw. But due to an injury (I’m unsure), Buakaw represented and the rest was history.

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