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Making MMA history: The First Guatemalan Fighter in Bellator

(Photo Courtesy via Sherdog.com - http://www.sherdog.com/pictures/event/11/Pictures-BAMMA-USA-Badbeat-11-58391#photo-6)

Rudy “Ruthless” Morales is the first Bellator MMA fighter out of Guatemala. He is currently undefeated 3-0 in his professional career braking barriers and instilling pride in the Latino community. In his last outing, Rudy Morales ] won his Bellator 115 debut against Jimmy Jones.

Even with a slow start Morales amped it up and took the fight via split decision by dominating the third round with takedowns and elbows. It was an impressive show by Morales considering he had taken the fight on less the 24 hours’ notice. This is not his first time fighting in short notice though. In his first professional fight, Morales stepped up on a day-and-half notice well above his normal weight of 145-lbs. and knocked his opponent out.

Morales was slated to fight Jimmy Jones at WSOF 9, but the bout was canceled by the Nevada State Athletic Commission indicated there were to many fights on the card. Morales has a huge fan base that was less than thrilled by this decision to cut the fight.

Although WSOF released they would still pay the cut fighters, both fighters had been preparing for this fight and where very disappointed. So when Bellator picked them up Morales had the opportunity to do something no other Guatemalan had done, fight in the Bellator Cage.

It is not surprising that Morales has a huge fan following his positivity inspires everyone he interacts with. His story is unlike any other coming from Guatemala to the United States at just 13-years-old.  he explains, “the hood of Guatemala is nothing like the hood of the United States, it was nothing but machetes and knifes, and I mean it was cold blooded.” Guatemala has one of the highest violent crime rates in Latin America. In 2009, approximately 25 murders a week were reported in Guatemala City alone, speaking for itself and making a move away from this part of the world,

Scifighting had the opportunity to speak with Morales after his recent Bellator victory. He explained overcoming adversity is something that he has been doing his whole life. He grew up without parents and had mentors and other people helping him through life. He is very humble and it doesn’t seem like a moment goes by that he is not grateful for the opportunities he has been afforded, a truly humble fighter who expresses it, “Inspiring youth is important to me, Ruthless fighting team has been a dream of mine, I am very proud of that it’s a brand I have been able to build from the ground up… I want to leave a positive legacy.”

Here they call him Ruthless but in Guatemala he reported they refer to him as Tecunuman, which he says, “it is the name of ancient Mayan national hero, which is pretty cool, I use the superman punch a lot but they don’t call it that back home they call it the Tecunuman punch.”

Not a bad comparison considering Morales personality and ability to endure hardship and come out the victor. He discusses the importance of helping youth and community service and shows true passion for the sport as well as for helping others. Believe2believe is often something he posts and states, and you can tell he states it with conviction.

When asked what we can expect from him he said, “Hopefully continue to fight for Bellator and, accomplish my dream.” You can follow Morales on Twitter/Instagram @RuthlessMorales to follow his amazing story and progress. He leaves us by saying, “La vida sin riesgo no es vida,” translating into life without risk is not life at all.