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Bellator 115 Full Preliminary Card Results

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Before the Bellator 115 main card, headlined by a heavyweight title fight, catch all the preliminary results here, at SciFighting.com.

This is a live post and will update as results become available.

Welterweight: James Terry (170.3) vs. Rick Reeves (170.1)

Round 1: There was an error with the online stream. 

Round 2: Both fighters were still looking for range in round 2. Terry was back pedaling for the majority of the round as Reeves shade him around the edges of the cage and threw with little concern from a potential counter. Terry relieved some of that pressure as he landed on Reeves, backing him up and away from the cage. Terry kept some pressure of his own going and got a crucial takedown late in the round.

Round 3:  Terry threatened with a standing guillotine but couldn’t finish the fight. He was able to get another solid takedown in the final round though. Terry held top control for the remainder of the round to narrow decision of a close, but uneventful fight.

Official Decision: Rick Reeves defeats James Terry via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Heavyweight: Freddie Aquitania (238) vs. Josh Appelt (242.9)

Round 1: Aquintania got the first takedown of the fight and controlled Appelt on his back. Appelt Seemed unsure on how to escape from the bottom and Aquitania stayed in the guard and landed punches when he could. Appelt stood back up, now in the clinch of Aquitania, who held Appelt against the cage and landed shots in the clinch until the end of the round.

Round 2: Appelt landed a loud low kick on Aquitania, who caught the kick and drove Appelt to the mat for a moment. Appelt worked back up and got a clinch on Aquitania. The rest of the round was Aquitania on top of a turtled up Appelt with punches being dropped down one at a time.

Round 3: The third round was ugly as both heavyweights were spent. They clinched up and landed close to nothing to cap off a fight whose excitement slipped downhill from the opening bell. There was a brief clinch break but nothing came of it and the fight went right back to a clinch.

Official Decision: Freddie Aquitania defeats Josh Appelt via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Lightweight: Jason Powell (155.2) vs. Sinjen Smith (155.1)

Round 1: Smith came out in round one having already found his range and timing. He hit Powell with a few punches at the beginning of the fight. Powell chose to get the takedown to avoid being hurt on the feet and got it quickly. Smith turned the tables though and grabbed an arm of Powell and locked in an armbar for the submission victory.

Official Decision: Sinjen Smith defeats Jason Powell via Submission (armbar) at 1:52 of Round 1.


Flyweight: Benito Lopez (125.9) vs. Oscar Ramirez (126)

Round 1: There was a problem with the Bellator live stream. 

Official Decision: Benito Lopez defeats Oscar Ramirez via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)