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Bellator 115 Full Main Card Results

(Photo Courtesy via Bellator MMA)

After both middleweight tournament semi-final bouts were removed from the Bellator 115 main card just a day before the fights, Bellator was forced to promote two fights to their main card.

The main event of Bellator 115 is the first title defense of new champion Vitaly Minakov’s reign. He would face longtime UFC veteran Cheick Kongo, who was undefeated since joining Bellator, at 2-0.

This is a live post and will update as results become available.

Bellator Heavyweight World Title Fight: 
Cheick Kongo (232.8) vs. Vitaly Minakov (253.4)

Round 1: The first landed strike was a low blow on Kongo who took a timeout to recover. Kongo recovered and Minakov rushed forward. He sent out some punches but nothing that landed cleanly. He shot in on Kongo and got a nice trip takedown in to the half guard of Kongo. A short while later, Kongo made his way back up and caught a knee to the groin once more, this one dropping Kongo who was badly hurt from it. Referee Herb Dean let Kongo sit and recover. Kongo took a point from Minakov as he warned after the first low blow. Minakov dropped Kongo and dove on him. Kongo defended the first few shots but Minakov fell back for an ankle lock. They wrestled legs for a while as Kongo tried to escape the submission. Minakov was able to get back on top in to a high half guard with a minute left in the round. Minakov remained like this until the bell.

Round 2: Kongo got a rare takedown in round 2 on Minakov. Kongo was supposedly hit with another low blow but Herb Dean said Kongo must keep fighting. Minakov didn’t understand and didn’t attack and the fight resumed awkwardly. Kongo faked getting hurt with a punch and countered an eager Minakov, who was able to get Kongo down, get in to the mount, and then hit Kongo from punches from back control on a turtled up Kongo to end the round.

Round 3: Kongo came out aggressive in the third round. He hit Minakov several times but was taken down. Kongo got a takedown of his own but was warned for holding Minakov’s shorts several times after that. He wasn’t deducted a point and was eventually reversed by Minakov.

Round 4: Kongo got a takedown right at the start of the round, then held it there until Herb Dean stood them up with 20 seconds remaining. Kongo ran in with a knee to the body to finish a round that he likely won.

Round 5: Minakov sought to secure a fight that he was winning, even with the point deduction in round 1. He held Kongo down while in the mount but both men had nothing left for one another. The round ended like this as well.

Official Decision: Vitaly Minakov defeats Cheick Kongo via Unanimous Decision (48-46, 48-46, 48-46)


Welterweight – Herman Terrado (170) vs. Justin Baesman (170.9)

Round 1: Terrado was dominating the fight with his clinch work. He held Baseman in place and was able to grab back control shortly after getting the a big takedown in round 1.

Round 2: It was Baseman who struck first in round 2. He kicked Terrado in the face and landed a few nice punches to back up his now wobbled opponent. Baseman brought Terrado down and both man threatened with submissions, but neither was able to finish. Baseman began to work for a TKO from the top and dropped elbows from the top for the last minute of the round as the referee kept a close eye on Terrado and told him to ‘keep moving’. The bell sounded before the referee had to intervene.

Round 3: The last round could have easily made the difference for the fight’s winner. Terrado was taken down again but got in to position for an armbar. He secured the hold as Baseman held his free arm to the trapped one to avoid the submission succeeding. He escape and made it to the final bell.

Official Decision: Herman Terrado and Jason Baseman fought to a majority draw (29-28, 28-28, 28-28)


Light Heavyweight – Volkan Oezdemir (205.6) vs. Kelly Anundson (205.8)

Round 1: The first strike landed was a leg kick from Oezdemir tripped Anundson up. The first takedown came soon after as Anundson got a high grasp of Oezdemir’s body and slamming him to the mat. Anudson kept that drip on his opponent and repeatedly slammed him with takedown after takedown. This cycle continued for the rest of the round.

Round 2: Happy with what he was able to do in round 1, Anundson took Oezmedir down immediately. Anundson locked in a kimura but wasn’t able to force a tap. Anundson got back control and was able to submit Oezmedir with a rear-naked choke.

Official Decision: Kelly Anundson defeats Volkan Oezmedir via Submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:19 of Round 2. 


Catchweight – Johnny Cisneros (192.6) vs. Mikkel Parlo (193.5)

Round 1: Parlo controlled the fight early. He pushed towards Cisneros and made he fight his.

Round 2: Parlo again took control of the round and used his grappling to dominate round 2. He was able to get a takedown and drop punches on Cisneros.

Round 3: The fight was finished out for Parlo who again, implemented his own game and wore Cisneros out for what should be a clear decision.

Official Decision: Mikkel Parlo defeats Johnny Cisneros via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)