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Exclusive Photo: Steve Carl’s Official X-Ray – Leg Broken From Palhares’ Heel Hook at WSOF 9

Photo by SciFighting.com

Former World Series Of Fighting Welterweight Champion Steve Carl received the official word (and X-rays) from his physicians today.  After a short but grueling battle for the defense of his title from Rousimar Palhares.  The notorious challenger locked up his victory with a fully torqued heel hook.

Although many fans cried fowl, accusing Palhares of once again using too much force and refusing to release his submission in an appropriate amount of time, Steve Carl was a gentleman, sportsman and fighter who gracefully accepted defeat and gave recognition to the technical ability and strength of the new champion Rousimar Palhares.

However, the story did end there.  He later reported on Monday the 31st of March that the MRI results were in for that leg and that he was likely only looking at a couple of partial tears, severe strains and soft tissue damage with no apparent need for surgery.  He later reported on Facebook that “This was exactly what I needed, a vacation and tons of motivation! I’ll be back and better than ever this summer, I guarantee it!”

But it seems unlikely that MMA fans will see a return of this venerable WSOF star so soon as just hours ago a reexamination of Carl’s his leg revealed a clean break across the lateral portion of his right fibula.

Steve Carl went on the record with SciFighting this afternoon, “Earlier today, while getting cell therapy to my knee and ankle, we were using an x-ray table to set the needle.  I asked if they could take a quick shot a little higher up my ankle to see if everything from my car accident, years ago, healed up. That’s when they noticed the break. How the hospital missed it, I have no idea, but I’ve been walking on it so I’m not too worried about it.  It’s a clean break and [so] I’ll put on a walking boot for a month [just] to be safe.”

In the X-ray below, exclusively obtained by SciFighting, you can see exactly where the fracture occurred.

Photo by SciFighting.com

After this recent development the question of Palhares’ ability to show restraint may resurface in the MMA community, however while Steve Carl is definitely a good sport and optimistic about his recovery, the challenger to the welterweight title may think twice before letting such a dangerous opponent get close.

We wish Carl the best and hope for a quick return to the cage!

Stay tuned to SciFighting.com for more updates on Carl’s progress and rehabilitation.